Publish, Market and Promote your book, is the key to success.

Any self publishing company can produce a book: very few have the marketing and promotional resources to generate sales for your book.


At ASPG we have the marketing and promotion capabilities to get your book out to the whole world. We have 230,400 partner companies at this time that can get your book and eBook seen by millions of book lovers.


Many authors concentrate so much on the publishing side they forget that this is only 20% of the journey; the other 80% is marketing. The plain truth is, no marketing and promotion no sales?

For over 7 years we have specialised in book marketing and promotion. We are not bound to Australia only, we promote books internationally. We regularly attend the biggest International Book Fairs every year to promote Australian books to the world (your book could be one of these). The book fairs we attend regularly are London Book Fair in April each year and the Frankfurt book far in October. Plus we have now added Beijing to the list.

As Book Marketing and Promotions Specialists, we can help you to get your book out in front of industry people and find the right market for it. We also specialise in Internet marketing and promotion, as the Internet is one of the most important places to sell books. Nowadays you have to have multiple markets, not just getting your book into a shop; this is only one small piece of the larger pie.

We can even show you how to get hundreds of people selling your book all over the Internet. This is called affiliate marketing and we are very familiar with this method of marketing, most other publishers are not. We can help you in all aspects for book publishing, marketing and promotions, just send us an email or a request and find out what we can do for you – publishaspg@gmail.com.

At the Australian self publishing group we are not vanity Publishers we are Cooperative Self Publishers.

This means unlike other so called self publishing companies, we give you 100% copyright to your book, not just to your written words. We give you all high resolution files of the cover design, the interior layout and all fonts used. They are yours you paid for them, you own them. This also means you do not have to buy over priced copies of your book from anyone, you are free to print anywhere at the best costs you can get.

If you decide to deal with an overseas Vanity publisher because they tell you they can print your book for $4? Ask them what the postage is on the books, you will find the book will cost you $14 to $15 after postage is added. You cannot make a profit buying a book at $15, you will lose money.

A note of Caution: If any company asks you to pay upfront for their publishing services: be very aware. Once you pay you are at their mercy? We get emails all the time from author’s who have lost their money or got a book that is well under standard. We never charge author’s full costs before they are happy with the book: nor should any other company.

What can The Australian Self-Publishing Group do for you?

Well, we can help you to get your book from an idea to being published and promoted worldwide.


Why Not Publish With Us?

  • We can get your book to become an Amazon Best Seller.
  • You become an international best selling author.
  • Help you get your books printed at a fantastic price.
  • We make sure authors get printed books at a price they can make a profit from. Considering a shop needs 40 to 45% discount for selling books, (both on-line and off-line ones), it is imperative authors are not overpaying for printing their book.
  • Here is a basic printing cost at 50 books at a time digital printed.
    1. 100 page book cost to print, $4.50 each
    2. 150 page book cost to print, $5.15 each
    3. 200 page book cost to print, $5.90 each
    4. 250 page book cost to print, $6.50 each
    5. 300 page book cost to print, $7.20 each
  • If you wish to offset print it would be around half the above digital printed.
  • Even cheaper for 100 books at a time.
  • When choosing a self publisher the cost of getting books printed is paramount to the books success and is one of the first things you should look at.
  • Help you to make a successful marketing plan.
  • Help you to promote your book all over the world by taking them to International Book Fairs (London, Frankfurt, Beijing etc).
  • Help you with advice on the structure, title and graphics for your book.
  • Help you with knowledge on how to get your book on to the bookshops shelves.
  • Show you how you can make your book extremely profitable.
  • Teach you how to become an expert in your field and build credibility for yourself.
  • We can list you on Nielsen’s bookdata system that is available to the whole world.
  • We will list your book on all major on-line book stores in Australia, including Fishpond, iSUBSCRiBE etc.
  • Sell your book into Europe and the UK with our European POD partner.
  • We can help you to contact distribution companies, so you have access to more bookshops.
  • We can get your book into Australian shops.
  • We can get your book list with 232500 eBook selling platforms, Libraries and university book shops around the world.

Drop us an email to discuss what we can do for you.

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Australian Self Publishing Group. Promoting Australian authors to the world.


Bill Shorten, Chris Bowen, Ed Husic and Kim Carr, Jane Chifely, Sue Martin and other family members of the Late Prime Minister Ben Chifley at the book launch: for Remembering Ben Chifely book at the PaperChain Bookshop Manuka.

Author: Robert Greenberg great surprize!. Then his words and the photos.

I was in Sydney the other day and the wife suggested we go in to Dymocks (one of the biggest book shops in Australia) to pick up some warping paper. I’m wandering about when I see in the corner the Hunger Games trilogy of books and didn’t give it much thought, till I noticed a vaguely familiar cover next to them… To say my “Wooo-Hooo!” could be heard all over the shop would be an understatement!There can be no greater thrill to an author than to see their work on a major book seller’s shelf and it’s even better when they tell you it’s selling fairly well! They even asked me to sign a few copies. Not to shabby for a guy who couldn’t read or write till he was 16-17, I suppose.

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