A woman’s pocket guide to man flu

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From a slight sneeze to incoherent speech. From amnesia to an emotional fragile state. Man Flu has been associated with the most shocking, the most dreadful and the most life threatening virus to hit the male population since the birth of Adam so many eons ago.

What we thought was a simple gesture of Eve handing over the apple to Adam, was in fact, for all reasoning, her way of simply stating “An apple a day will keep the Doctor away”. Little did she know, back then, that this little apple was to represent so much.

As life has progressed, and we have become more humanized since the cave man era, we can find episodes written in stone about the truth of Man Flu. Pictures we once thought that were of a woman running from a beast with terror in her face, was in fact a woman running frantically from the “sufferer” in hysterical bouts of laughter.