How William started Australian Self-Publishing Group and Inspiring Publishers

In 2005 Irina wanted to write books that were close to her heart. A newcomer to Australia and working in the Canberra Hospital as a doctor, she had always wanted to write a book but was worried about her English.

William having a university degree offered to help out with fixing up the English, and putting the book together for her. This proved to be quite a difficult task and a huge learning curve. William finally put together an eBook on eating disorders, a topic Irina was very knowledgeable about as a medical practitioner. This book was a huge success and actually replaced her wages as a doctor within a year.

With William’s help, Irina went on to write many more books and become an International selling author. Also 2 Amazon bestselling books, and her books published by traditional publishers in Asia, Turkey, Europe and the UK.

William has the runs on the board and over 10 years publishing books, so can help author achieve their dreams. Why trust a startup self publisher with your precious work, or an overseas one.

William then had so many people ask “how did you do it?” And “can you show me how to do the same thing?” So William decided to start helping other people to publish and market their books the way he did with the first book.

Was it easy for William to do in the first place? No it certainly was not, and took many hours of learning. Back in those days eBooks were in their infancy, basically very few publishers where doing them. William not only had to learn to put together these books, but also build websites and do marketing of the books as well.

Let me explain a couple of facts about publishing so you understand why you should self- publish and not hold out hopes of getting a mainstream publisher to take your book.

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At the present time there is a revolution happening in the publishing industry. Bookshops are going broke all around the world. Publishers don’t even know how they will survive: so what do you think the chances are of a publisher taking on the risk of an unknown author? Next to zero!

Plus you must realise for an unknown author you would be lucky if you made 50 cents a book sold through a conventional publishing house. You also lose most of the rights to your book and have little say whatsoever in its production or marketing.

So what else can you do to get published?

Well you can contact one of the companies you find on the Internet: there are quite a lot of these. They are called Vanity publishers and will publish your book, no problem. But you have to be really careful, read all their site information, and ask them the right questions.

Just because they say that they are self publishers and that you have all the rights to your book, this is not necessarily correct. Sure you have the rights to your written words, but who has the rights to the cover, the layout or the high resolution graphics or PDFs? They do, and you do not, even though you paid for them. Just ask them if they will send you all the high res PDFs and they will refuse.

Some even make it sound like one of the benefits they give you by letting you have an eBook version of your book with a secure pin number. But you can only read it on their site and you can’t download it, an eBook is a high res copy, so you can’t have it.

You see most of these Vanity publishers want you to continue to buy your own books from them when you need more. You then have to pay top dollars for more copies of your own books. I have known authors who have signed up with overseas Vanity publishers who had to pay $19 for each book. Some local Vanity publishers want over $11 a book. If you had the high res PDFs yourself you could get books printed for half that cost. But you don’t so you will have to pay. Just try to make money from a book that costs you $19 a book to print.

We are not Vanity publishers: we are Cooperative Self Publishers, true self publishing where the author always has complete control over their books.  If you want the high res copies then once we fulfil the contract with you, you get your copies. If you can get your books printed cheaper elsewhere then you can.

We also make sure your book is easily found so people can buy the book, we keep stock of the books so to send out to buyers. We even offer social media support, where we do all the work and you get all the benefits, no other self-publisher does that.

William promoting authors books at 2017 Taipei book fair.


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William and Irina speaking on the Sparks Stage at the Frankfurt book fair in Hall 8.

William and Irina promoting their book at Frankfurt book fair.