Amazon Best seller Program

With the help from one of our international publishing partners, Australian Self-Publishing Group Pty Ltd can get your book to Amazon best seller.


  • What does Amazon best seller give you?
  • Once you go best seller you get the Amazon star for your book and eBook.
  • You get massive credibility as an author.
  • You become an international best selling author.
  • This gives you prestige and can open many doors that are closed to unknown authors.
  • Your book becomes worth more to publishers and agents.
  • You can use the Amazon best seller star to promote your book
  • It puts your book above the pack in its genre
  • Book buyers will be more attracted to the book.
  • Credibility as an author for your next book.
  • These are just some of the benefits.

Our Partner has developed a unique algorithm and built a team of experts that can boost significantly the marketing and distribution of your book on various digital platforms, reaching a worldwide audience.

Their digital promotion team has successfully launched hundreds of dedicated campaigns promoting ours and their author’s books on Amazon. This has resulted in the books being officially recognized as Amazon Best Sellers (a best seller in Amazon is a title ranked amongst the 100 best selling titles in a specific category).

After being very successful in making our own personal books Amazon Best Sellers, ASPG are offering this special and unique service to authors worldwide.

Stages of the process to make your book Amazon Best Seller:

Conversion: we begin by producing files and converting these book files into the appropriate formats compatible with the Amazon KDP requirements. (if authors have them already this is OK).

  • Uploading: Our partner’s professional digital team then uploads the book files into the Amazon Kindle KDP platform, including all of the largest Amazon sites worldwide simultaneously.
  • Promotion: Our partner utilizes Amazon and Google’s internal search engine algorithms in conjunction with their own uniquely developed algorithms. They combined this with their own social networks and special promotions, to drive readers’ traffic to your book.The promotion is a continuous and ongoing and evolving process, aimed at driving reader’s traffic to the book in one or more categories. After reaching bestseller status, when it ranks within the first 100 downloaded books in a category – their team executes a DAILY process in order to promote the book to get it even higher in the rankings within the relevant category and often in more than one category at a time.
  • Our Partners promotion is done simultaneously across many Amazon sites all over the world, including: (U.S and worldwide), (Canada),, (Germany), (France), (UK), (Spain), (India), (Mexico), (Brazil), (Italy), (Australia), (India) and (Japan).

Unless you have the special algorithms it is very difficult objective to achieve, but our partners unique platforms, algorithms, methods and services will be very successful in making your book an Amazon Best Seller. This will provide you with worldwide recognition as a successful international author. This means that you can use this promotion as your new business card.

It will generate attention from publishers and agents around the world also. Plus put you and the book above the pack.

Books that have gone Amazon best seller.


The Secret Energy of Your Body


Being Human


Healthy Pregnancy from A to Z



Experiencing Grace

Kaleidoscope : My life’s multiple reflections

Eye of the Rainbow Serpent