Live after Death

TPJ Van Der Walt in his book, asks an interesting question? WHERE WILL YOU LIVE WHEN YOU DIE? When death knocks on your door and you spend your last minutes on earth, where would you like to open your eyes? Throughout all ages of human existence the question remains, what happens after you die. The author in the book Live after death says, that freedom in the kingdom binds all people leaving them with a choice of two life styles you have to pick after you die. Heaven or Hell! Heaven and Hell are real, and it is your [read more...]

Finding a Niche Market

Finding a Niche Market is essential for self publishing authors. Niche markets are important for 4 reasons. 1: They increase book sales. 2: The author is promoting to a hot market 3: Many Niche market buyers purchase multiple books in the same Genre’ 4: Books are less likely to be returned by buyers for a refund. Niche markets work very well for Self Help, How to books, and Business books, as people continually buy different books, if the topic excites them. Novels can work in niche markets as well, and is proven to [read more...]

Results from Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Frankfurt book air was very productive this year, with our authors now having the chance to get their books into bookshop across the USA. These are real bookshops, not just the lists that shops can see on-line. Bookmasters are the biggest distributor of religious books in the US, so our religious book authors will benefit. They do all genre' of books so very exciting. We had lots of interest from some of our literary agents, with one Chinese agency really impressed with the books we had this time, and requesting lots of titles. [read more...]

Fabulous Book Launch (2 November 2017)

A great time was had by all, at the book launch of "Deepen Yourself" author Jeff Knowles, at the Paperchain bookshop Manuka Canberra. Jeff sold over a hundred books at the event and ran out of books, having to place another order of 50 books just to fill the orders. Well done Jeff. Get Jeff's book at: Inspiring Book Shop Brought to you by Australian Self Publishing Group and Inspiring Publishers

Friends, with TOYS!

Friends, with TOYS! This is a rhyming book celebrating friendship and outside play. This is the second book in the series of "Friends, with" introducing a new friend Robert. The friends all enjoy playing with their special toys outside and interacting with one another in a fun and entertaining way. A story of friendship, individuality and the enjoyment of being a child. About the Author Nicole Mary French was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1968. She has lived in many parts of rural South Australia since. She has a love [read more...]

One big secret. A thousand little lies.

IN 2002 Australia witnessed a witch hunt the size and complexity of which had not been seen since the Lindy Chamberlain case. At its centre stood the horse Cambridge, his owners and a team of veterinarians attempting to save his life. The accusers comprised a protest group, the proprietors of a web site reputed to represent Australia's equestrian fraternity (8 million hits per month), the Bureau of Animal Welfare and the RSPCA, who claimed to have "never had such a response to one issue in its entire history". All forms of media [read more...]

Frankfurt International Book Fair

We have a great opportunity for authors, if they would like to get their book in front of industry professionals who can make decisions. For authors who may be interested in getting their book displayed at the Frankfurt International Book fair in October. This is the only chance a self published author can get their book on the main Australia Unlimited stand, as you have to be a publisher to do so, this is where we help. The stand is run by the Australian Publishers Association (APA), backed up by the Arts Council. This [read more...]

Jesus son of God

Jesus son of God is our Game Changer In our Lord Jesus Christ there is always hope for all who have faith and trust in his Holy name; trusting in him because he has changed the world; our life is so brief yet he came to give us life and everlasting hope. Jesus son of God is our game changer; he came to our world over 2000 years ago, to tell his parables, stories about how things will go; and the things our Messiah said still haunt the world today; he taught about love and faith, to believe in all he teaches, he taught us [read more...]

Would you like an eBook with your print book? 3 reasons why you should.

Digital publishing of books has taken the publishing world by storm, in the last few years. Statistics show eBooks have been well received by the modern reader, as more devises like tablets, eReaders and smartphones have to be thanked for this development. Here are 3 reasons why digital publishing is gaining popularity among publishers. Digital publishing generates more income, as a backup to your printed book. If you have a business or self help book a digital book can be a strong business-building tool. Placing [read more...]

Book of prayers, and short stories

My encounter with Jacob, "my calling". My life changing experience started many years ago, when a messenger from God asked me to acknowledge the word of God. I was at a train station with two of my boys, now in their thirties; My messenger had a limp in his leg, he was in his seventies, olive skinned, with thin build, he carried nothing and with many people around he chose me to talk to and my boys where witnesses to his presence; He asked if we could talk about God; he said he came from the Holy Land and that God healed him [read more...]