At Play

At play, is a delightful collection of original poems and hilarious true stories from the mouths of our little friends themselves. Bought together beautifully with photos by Laura Dascoli of MooseStar photography, from her children at play collection.

Eye of the Rainbow Serpent

Of exotic mixed-race heritage, Chloe Quartpot lives an isolated life on the vast Venus Downs cattle station in the Kimberleys of Western Australia. One day on walkabout with her beloved indigenous grandfather, Johnny Quartpot she is shown a sacred site and he gives her a red stone – the eye of the rainbow serpent. Johnny swears her to secrecy as custodian of the site, but after his sudden disappearance and presumed death and the advances of the station owner’s sons, Carl and Walter Boyce, she decides to leave Venus Downs for Perth. [read more...]

Who’s haiku of interesting Australians

So how do you capture something of the spirit of an interesting Aussie in just 17 syllables? You write about them in haiku poetry of course! but wait; there’s more… 221 more in fact. In total, 222 pithy little morsels about 222 Aussies – some famous, some infamous, some quiet achievers, some with more front than Myers, some alive, some dead, some nice, and some politicians. Then there’s some animals, some TV characters and one Aussie who didn't even exist. Raelene Laurie Newall delights with her salute to Aussies of all kinds. with [read more...]

My Naughty Poems

My Naughty Poems is a book of fun poems for people with an open mind and a sense of humour. Some of the poems in this book are crude but it is all intended to bring out the lighter side of the reader and a sense of fun. With this book I take everyday situations as I observe them and add my own twist to each poem. This book is all about having fun and enjoying the moment, so happy reading.

Just famous enough not to be noticed

An amazing personal adventure from a suburban childhood in Australia; to deal-making in Hollywood; organising world-class arts events; intrigue at the Vatican; a UNESCO start-up; roles as an international tourism CEO and recognition and demand as a leading educator, lecturer and executive business mentor by top corporate executives. Donovan’s memoir is an engrossing ricochet of interests and achievements which puts paid to the theory of career-planning. Extracted from over twenty-two thousand pages of personal business diary [read more...]

A Kind Providence

'The true story of a World War 2 Flight Mission which deserves to be known to history, to Australia, to anyone who wants to understand why so many of our best and greatest young people fought a war so dangerous and far from home. This is a love story, a vision of justice, and an unshakable faith.'

This is Home

Two icy blue beads are trained on her every move. If she steps one way and then quickly to the other, the little beads follow. Jess does it now, just to confirm. It’s a little bit like one of those creepy paintings in a horror film. The eyes follow her up to four metres away; she’s measured it several times. She’s always doing little experiments on the baby, recording her findings in the leather bound journal that she keeps in her underwear drawer. She’s never told Brad about the experiments; she hasn't even told her sister. Not that [read more...]

Russia & revolution : my father, the officer, the man

The Russian Revolution forever changed the lives of many in Russia, not least those who had been in the service of the Imperial forces. This book traces the life of a young naval o?cer from his graduation in 1918 in St Petersburg through the ensuing Civil War, to Shanghai in the 1930’s, Indonesia in the 1940’s and 1950’s and ?nally Australia. The ?fty year span of this odyssey takes place during some of the most momentous historical events of the 20th Century, such as the Russian Revolution, World War II and the subsequent painful [read more...]

The Reluctant Civilian

Frank is a decorated Vietnam combat soldier who returns to civilian life with few skills and an uncertain future. An orphan with no ties, he embarks on an itinerant journey doing odd jobs to support a meagre existence. During his travels, he finds himself caught unwittingly in an armed roadhouse hold-up resulting in murder. Unarmed and unable to assist, he flees in the bandits’ unattended getaway vehicle. In fear for his life, he finds himself ensconced in a sub-alpine wilderness, sparking a police manhunt. During his lonely [read more...]

All for the love of a horse

All for the Love of a Horse is about Catherine, a young 14 year old girl’s involvement with several horses; and a very clever old pony which outwits her and others on several occasions doing incredible things based on fact. Catherine longs to have a horse of her own she can enter and win events with. Her parents, Tom & Elizabeth, are heavily involved with horses, breaking them in and more, but seem too busy to notice Catherine’s desire. Mr Samm is their close old trainer friend (Mr Telford) who features heavily, as does Terry [read more...]