The histories of Caroline : the unknown history of a star

At 55 Caroline Landon is internationally famous both as an actor and an activist for environmental causes. But when she meets a congenial young woman of literary talents she decides to collaborate with her on a biography dealing with two aspects of her life which she has not revealed before. One is her upbringing by her grandparents after both her parents died young; the second an eventful period spent on a tropical island where a passionate affair involved her in a failed revolution. The histories of Caroline and her Russian [read more...]

Making friends made simple : how to stand out and create a great social life

Making Friends Made Simple provides you with the skills necessary to stand out and create a great social life. Meeting people and making new friends will no longer be seen as a fearsome challenge but something to which you can look forward. Through reading this book you will obtain first-hand knowledge about how to: * Understand people * Communicate more effectively * Earn people’s trust * Increase your social confidence. This book is an essential read for anyone who would like to learn how to build greater [read more...]


Tasmania is in trouble. While mainland Australia surges through the backwash of the GFC the island state is struggling. Political infighting, bureaucratic ineptitude and a lack of investment have curtailed progress. Too many people are lodging on ‘Struggle Street’. DI John Mahoney knows this as well as anyone. Of more immediate concern to him is the brutal murder of a prominent business leader. The scale of public interest is high and the Serious Crimes Squad must make headway fast. As the investigation proceeds it becomes clear [read more...]

Volkano’s Wife

Amalia marries Cecil in 1933 after a lightning five-day shipboard courtship. She is catapulted from sleepy Lismore in Australia to the wild heart of Papua New Guinea, walking the trail with convicted murderers to her first home, Kokoda, where she erected its first Australian flag. Amalia and Cecil raised their two children in a land of serenity and great beauty, and came to love the people they lived amongst. This is Amalia’s story. A remote station, Higaturu, is Paradise to Cecil, District Commissioner. But Paradise becomes an [read more...]

Faraway Places

It's raining, and Alice cannot go outside. So snuggling back down under her covers and closing her eyes, she takes herself on a journey to faraway places full of magic and fun. From underwater gardens, sparkling jellyfish, forest fairies and talking clouds, this whimsical tale shows us that when we use our imagination, anything is possible.

Absence of Manners

In the kaleidoscopic society of early white settlement in Australia, the sensuously beautiful daughter of the clerk of the local court, a free settler, Emily Walters becomes intimately involved with an escaping convict. Now on her eighteenth birthday, Emily believes she is a ruined woman. Guilt and shame lead her to embark on a life of service and caring for others. Meanwhile the wrongfully convicted escapee is compelled to clear his name for himself, for his family and for Emily. Can life be reborn and love renewed? This debut [read more...]

Light’s Shadow

Taras Kovic, the richest man to have ever lived, has only one dream. Taras dreams of the future. When Ares Belle's husband goes missing after a night of drinking she returns home to find her house ransacked. Delinquent teen Riley Marclund, directionless and naïve, finds himself infatuated with a feisty girl who has an aversion to technology. The beautiful and dangerous Detective Carlisle enlists the help of Doctor Willem Stockhold to piece together a trail of gruesome murders. Lee Goku, a manipulative and cunning politician is fed [read more...]

Attention all Spiritual and Intuitive people

If you're interested in intuitive healing and The Secret energy of your body, the energy that regulates the condition of your health, quality of your relationships and your ability to attract wealth and abundance. Then please come along to the book launch by Canberrian author Dr Irina Webster, who is an intuitive healer, medical doctor and international best selling author. Irina will be launching her new book “The Secret energy of your body: An Intuitive Guide to Healing Health and Wellness.” in which she reveals 7 steps to [read more...]

Attention authors. Send your book to The Beijing book fair 2015.

Although August may seem a long way away, now is the time to plan for your book to be displayed, 27 to 31st August. China is a massively growing book market, the most rapid in the world. Also the Chinese are interested in all things Western and are learning English at an astonishing rate. It has never been more important to get your book exposed to this growing market. The kinds of books they are interested in are: Children's books, especially series of books Any book on learning English Fiction books, but not political, [read more...]

Here are 3 points authors should know and why it is imperative to have an eBook

Big publishers do look on-line and at book fairs for books that are selling, especially books and authors that have a presence in the market place: and authors who have actually put in some effort. This article explains what is now happening in the book industry. Publicity and marketing Social media platforms have emerged as the digital equivalents of “word of mouth,” which is still one of the most effective ways of marketing books. The social web complements conventional publicity and marketing mechanisms, helping to coordinate [read more...]