When All Else Fails – Book 1

Book One – "When All Else Fails". A Journey into the Heart with Medical Intuition. Carmel Bell's life story is a little different to most. Having survived four near death experiences including one that lasted some forty-seven minutes following a cardiac arrest, her complete and total recovery still shocks people to this day. Her experiences equipped her with the unique skills of a Medical Intuitive that, after twenty-five years of private practice, are now being extended to anyone through Bell’s new [read more...]

Oh No It’s a VOLVO

You know you have said it, we have all said it, your grandfather yelled it out the window and your parents have said it under their breath while running late to an appointment, we have all heard it...... finally someone has documented the daily reality of sharing the roads with Volvos.

The adventures of Looker : and her friends

Looker is a 3 year old girl who lives with her parents in an older style timber framed house by the beach at Byron Bay. BIG BEN: Big Ben is one of her 2 pets. He is a St Bernard Dog, which is a large hairy dog but gentle. Big Ben has a playful, gentle demenour who loves getting into mischief with Looker. TWINKLES: Twinkles is her other pet, or as I call them in the title Friends. Twinkles is a Tabby Cat. Twinkles has a more laid back personality, who tends to tag along behind Looker and Big Ben. Looker, Big Ben and Twinkles [read more...]

Healthy Pregnancy from A to Z

Pregnancy is an exciting time. But it can be hard to cope with different advice from tender-hearted family and friends who want you to have a Healthy Pregnancy. Questions arise such as what is healthy to eat? Should I exercise and how? What life style should I have? What to believe in while pregnant? What about relaxation and maintaining good relationships? Are pre-pregnancy preparations important? This book is a deep exploration of the most important question “How to Be Healthy during Pregnancy?” And it shows you a way to [read more...]

The Magic Paint Brush

Colour is a mystery to Tommy. He only sees the world in grey. One rainy day his wish to see colour comes true when he finds a magic paintbrush. His imagination runs wild as he colours the world around him. But Tommy upsets a few animals along the way. Tommy learns lessons about everything having its place and truly embracing who you are. Join Tommy on his magical colour adventure!

The Agreement

Rules will be broken… Sexual boundaries will be explored… But will the agreement forever bind? “Ryan placed his leather jacket around Emma’s shoulders as they stood on the pavement. Emma stood in silence, savouring the moment and the night she had just had with Ryan. But she knew once she told him she was still a virgin he would run for the hills. The goddess that Ryan had had in the corner not five minutes ago had gone; the girl inside Emma was back!” When Ryan and Emma meet, their love was something they had both hoped for, [read more...]

Cheeky Wholesome Cooking – Back to Basics

My cooking website The Cheeky wholesome mumma, is a place where I share recipes, video blogs and meal ideas. I have been getting such a great response that I decided I wanted to try and share more of these recipes, in a cookbook, for people to have in their own homes and pass down to their children. This cookbook is a guide to how get back to basics with cooking. Being a busy parent, I know how hard it is to get inspiration for meals and try to keep them as healthy as possible. Food is my love and my passion. I was taught how to [read more...]

The Tutankhamen Code

"When Claude Tarba showed off a family heirloom in a crowded Arabian restaurant in Melbourne, that simple act of pride among friends didn’t go unnoticed. It set in motion a journey through the little known high mountain country of The Yemen; then on to the Italianate City of Asmara in the Ancient land of Eritrea and a hi-jacking, which landed him in Western Turkey. Eventually after a number of risky adventures that took him to the far southern reaches of Egypt, he found himself committed to a treasure quest which if proved successful [read more...]

Grandma Climbs a Mountain

Harry's Grandma dreams of climbing a mountain but she lives on the dusty plains of outback Queensland. She travels to the Tasmanian wilderness to see if she can do it.

Dirty Monsters

My book 'Dirty Monsters' revolves around my character Bernie. He is a boy that refuses to clean his house until one day it comes alive with monsters made of dirty clothes, dishes, garbage and other mess that has not been cleaned for days. Bernie finds himself faced with the challenge of fighting the monsters with household cleaning products and saving the day.