Shooting Ghosts

Forthright, confronting and at times darkly comedic, “Shooting Ghosts” is a collection of poems that doesn’t so much opine on the workings and ideas of the modern world, but shakes down the branches that hold it together. Through intense imagery and a rebellious free flowing prose, Pezzimenti explores the culpability of a society seemingly willing to digest sound-bites and social media updates yet reject anything that may cause offence, or worse still, debate or deep collective thought. From the lack of any real advancement in [read more...]

The Last Priest of Jupiter

"Historical adventures and romances set in ancient Britain and Ireland are nearly always told from the point of view of the foreign invaders rather than that of the native Britons. Daring Roman's penetrate the barbarian Celtic lands in search of a lost legion or its standard, or to rescue endangered friends from the native British savages. It's time the story was told from the viewpoint of our own ancestors, the native Britons of the British Isles. That is the story I have undertaken here".

Beijing Book Fair 2014

The Australian Self Publishing Group will again have a stand at the upcoming Beijing Book Fair 27th August till 31st August. This is the perfect place for the new or upcoming author to showcase their book. China is rapidly becoming the biggest market for Western books in the world and they are especially interested in Australia books, being our biggest trading partners. Unlike some of the other International book fairs, the Chinese do not care if the author is unknown, they care about the content of the book and if it suits their [read more...]

Survival in a Toxic Soup – Book of the Broken Planet Trilogy

On the subject of self-help books this echoes the thoughts of John Lennon: “whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright...” Unsettling and plausible… Survival in a Toxic Soup is an interesting book that dwells in the shadowy areas of medical science. It should appeal to those looking for answers to their own medical problems outside the confines of traditional medicine.

Sipping Champagne Through a Straw

Sipping Champagne through a Straw: Beyond good enough is a unique tale about a migrant daughter. It introduces Maria, who born in Slovenia and seemingly destined for a life of poverty, exploitation and abuse, pursues a childhood dream for a better life that sustains her through an unhappy childhood; especially trying through World War II. Milena, born in Australia with such a severe disability that it is strongly believed she will never live life as others do. Milena shares her struggle with feelings of unworthiness that stem from a [read more...]

Power of Plants : a Botanical Journey

Combining items of historical interest, cutting edge research and previously unpublished data this book explores the highways and byways of that most fascinating of disciplines, botany. It is a highly personal selection of topics but will hopefully give the reader some idea of the breadth and depth of the study of plants.


Joanne Dickie moved from New South Wales to Tasmania in December 2004. Completing a Bachelor of Arts (Communications) Journalism in 1988, Joanne spent over a decade in the media industry working as a journalist, public relations consultant and desktop publisher working for various government and private businesses before establishing her own writing and design business in Sydney. She then returned to tertiary studies and after completing a Graduate Diploma in Education with Distinction taught English, Media Studies and Film [read more...]

Once, a Splendid Coin : An Arcadian Story Behind the 1938 Shilling

The image of the Merino ram that was struck upon the 1938 shilling has intrigued me since I started jackarooing on a Merino stud at Hay in late 1974. It has taken me nearly forty years to satisfy that curiosity. Early in the new year of 1975, I was among a few jackaroos invited to lunch at Burrabogie, a large sheep station east of Hay, which nestled closely within a bend of the Murrumbidgee River before running south and away over the mostly treeless Old Man Plain. Burrabogie had been founded as an offshoot of the more famous [read more...]


All stories connect us with each other as they trigger off a myriad of memories. This Memoir attempts to encapsulate fifty-five years of lived experience shaped by numerous stories. In its essence, this Memoir is very different from other people’s lives. Its beginning takes root in a Commission area in Ashburton, where an alcoholic father with a bizarre sense of humour and mother prone to manic depression episodes yet fiercely committed to family watch over their children’s growth. Childhood revolved around both unpredictability [read more...]

Stop Procrastinating! The Book of Excuses

Do you get a thrill from leaving things to the last minute? Do you hate making a decision in case you get it wrong? Do you expect instant results and avoid things if you don’t get them? Yes? Then you could be a procrastinator. For you if you don’t want to do something. One excuse is as good as another. The reasons people give excuses are many and never ending But here is the thing we all do it! Some people do it all their lives and become quite skilled at doing it. You could put off a small task or constantly find [read more...]