Escape into Nowhere

An autobiography of Klaas Dijk during his time in The Resistance in Amsterdam (1940-45). Klaas Dijk was 20 years of age when the War broke out in Holland on 10th May 1940. He attended English classes at the Simon Noort Institute and it was there he first became involved with The Resistance. Simon helped Jewish refugees from Germany to find a new homeland. When the War broke out Klaas was ordered to work in Germany. He was able to escape the German guards after receiving his train ticket to Germany and was lucky that train was [read more...]

Cold Gold 5

Dennis J, McTaggart, once again throws the reader head first into the action of Teddy and his crew of abalone poachers. In the fifth book in the Cold Gold series, Slick the hired gun, is after Teddy. He’s bankrolled by Jean, Freddy’s widow, and mother to the late Victor, her deceased son. Bevin Quale, the Ex-Vietnam Veteran, hits his straps and finds a place in Teddy’s team, and also rekindles a lost love in the form of his wife of many years. As the bodies pile up pressure mounts on Senior Inspector Ray Boyd to get to the [read more...]

You’ve published an eBook but it’s not setting the world alight. What do you do?

Here is a great article from one of our partners, Impelsys. You've published an ebook but it's not setting the world alight. What do you do? A company that’s conscientious about inbound principles and writing content will often produce eBooks – but won’t always succeed in promoting them. This isn’t necessarily because the substance of the eBook isn’t there. It’s because they don’t quite know how to present and promote it effectively: it needs to be appealing to their target audience, and it needs to actually appear in front [read more...]

When the Angel Say Amen: the history of the Cherokee Indians

The backdrop to this amazingly conceived book is of the US Army’s cruel massacring and forced removal of the Indigenous Native Americans from their 'sacred lands', 200 years ago. White Moon is the daughter of the 'Shaman' (spiritually gifted) Tribal Chief and the book tells of her life, the forced renouncement of her tribal identity and the touching romance with her life-long friend. VERA LUCIA LIMA – The Author is a very remarkable woman. Aged 12, she realised she could see and hear things, others couldn’t. Now, an [read more...]

Taipei Book Fair 2017

Taipei book fair was a great success for many of our authors, and we are just waiting on the results. The fair is run and organised by Austrade and Inspiring publishers were on the Austrade stand. This fair goes for 6 days and has a great following across Asia, including China. It is very unusual for any Publisher to have as many literary agents request PDFs of most books we had on the stand, a great result. See results here. Inspiring Publishers have built up a great following of publishers and agents who come every year to [read more...]

Market Watch : Key Points to Take Into 2017 for Players in Digital Publishing Industry

In the last one decade digital publishing has gone through multiple stages of progress, we have seen technology shaping the way content is created, delivered and consumed. As technology is on path of continuous evolution it keeps on changing aspects of life and business. Every year we hear buzzwords, some of them disappear and some become mainstay of the business. In 2017 we might hear new phrases and see the existing ones consolidating their roles. In this article we will have a brief insight on what trends will emerge or grow [read more...]

The Bird’s Nest

The Bird's Nest is set in the mid-1950's, rural New Zealand. Alex Hayward returns from the Korean War and gets into a scuffle with an army mate, which ends in his friend's death. As a trained killer, this will not look good so he decides to hide in a local area of native bush known as The Bird’s Nest until the incident is hopefully forgotten about - or he can decide what to do. Before he retreats to his hideout, he meets a girl called Ruby. She travels to London and then to Sydney and finally, returns to New Zealand with a [read more...]

Hunted is the Prey

Hunted is the Prey, is Donovan Hoult’s latest book. The ruthless climb of Winton Springer, an itinerant shearer picked up on an outback Queensland road by Sam Carlin, the owner of a struggling oil and gas exploration company. Uneducated, but highly intelligent, Springer resorts to unscrupulous blackmail, theft and murder as he manipulates himself into seizing total control as the company evolves. He ruthlessly exploits and plans the ultimate destruction of people who know too much of his dealings, and he of theirs, in the [read more...]

Becoming Australian : Two Home Countries

Shisei Oya came to Australia as a Japanese migrant in 1979. At the age of thirty, he felt that he was at a crossroads, and simply wanted to experience life outside of Japan. Although being warmly welcomed by the people he came to meet, Shisei soon realised that becoming Australian, and being treated as one, could prove quite difficult. However, in the almost forty years since, having come to be accepted by the Australian community and been able to contribute to the advancement of this great country, Shisei feels as though he has [read more...]

Author Talks : I Married Crystal Meth

"I married crystal meth" talks about my struggles as a wife of a former drug and alcohol addict, the devastating effects of substance abuse are powerful and if untreated will prove fatal. I am certain this book will promote hope, inspiration and reassurance amongst both, addicts and their loved ones, it will guide you to the path of sobriety – there is freedom outside the addiction gates. Buy Online