The Other Side of Dark

David lee Killman is the village idiot at his school always pulling pranks and getting into fights. Until the tragedy of a loner by the name of Kelvin starts David on a path paved with lies and tears. Followed by a big black dog that is a mystery, David must work out what this dog is all about before fate and history repeat themself. After all, the truth has a nasty habit of biting the hand that feeds it lies?

The mountain, the forest and the infinite blue sea

This collection of short stories depicts a series of experiences that were seminal moments within the author’s personal development. A unique account like no other, the book describes stories from the author’s early days roaming the streets with gangs of children, exploring the left over remnants of previous wars, school days in new cultural and political climates, and enlisting in the Israeli Army. Each experience elicits ethical and personal challenges and the stories weave a way through each one, some delicate and inspiring [read more...]

No Momo No

No Momo No! Is a story about a dog who is number one. Momo gets lovely walks every day and her owners undivided attention. Then all of a sudden Momo’s life is about to drastically change. A new born baby comes home. Momo sees the baby as a strange creature that makes strange noises. Momo does not know what to do? Suddenly Momo gets very little attention and all the attention is focused on the new baby. Momo gets hardly any walks, any play time and is pushed aside. Momo gets bored and it seems that anything Momo does just seems to get [read more...]

Naughty Mr Fox and the 10 Chickens

This book is a childrens counting book about a naughty fox. There are 11 full colour pages, and the story is told mainly by the pictures, but there are also words. Each page has various things that can be counted, the amount relevant to that page.

Experiencing Grace

Shield who struggled to forgive her mother from three attempts of aborting her talks about:- How God helped her in the process of forgiving her mother. How she overcame bullies in school due to her deformed hand. How God intervened when she was experiencing demonic forces. How God healed her depressions and love life. How she was conceived despite health issues. How God fixed her genetic disease. How God transformed her family through autism. And her Christian life style. Shield quit her I.T. career in 2002 to [read more...]


Adventures in the Forbidden Zone is a fantasy fiction set in Sydney Australia during the 1920’s. As tensions between the insect tribes escalate, a group of teenage cockroaches lead by Fishbone; the fastest Cavity Rider this side of the kitchen, disobey the Elders and leave the sanctuary of the house. The Elder’s decree is sent out, the gang is doomed! Can Buzzbomb, Fishbone’s younger brother, find the teenagers in time to save them from the monsters that lurk out in the Forbidden Zone? The story of the greatest cockroach that ever [read more...]

Being Human: A Question of Survival

This book examines the way in which people in modern Western societies are drawn to the convenience and comfort of affluence that is proving to be unsustainable. How this affects our personal lives, business practices and the futures of our children is examined in terms of the future survival of our species and our planet. It is argued that everyday people need to take back control of their lives from the power and wealth elite who currently control, both overtly and covertly, many aspects of our society and economy. Also, almost [read more...]

By The River’s End

Mikaela and Alexandra’s love was in the wrong place and time. Mikaela was an only child of very rich town’s people while Alexandra grew up with a busy grandmother as her father died and mother abandoned her. Their story started with bullying. The rich girl was popular while the poor girl was an outcast. Growing up in a small religious town they were classmates from elementary to secondary school. Secret meetings between the two ladies helped them grow closer. Young as they were, they both discovered the wonders of each other’s [read more...]

Take Control of Your Money

Take Control of Your Money. A Guided Workbook To Balance Your Budget; is for anyone who wants or needs to control their money. Are your credit cards out of control, are you in debt or not sure where your money goes? Take Control of Your Money will take you step by step through a time honoured process that will help you gain control of your money and relieve the stress and tension money causes.

Roman Boy

Lucius Decius Verus is the son of a Roman officer, Marcus Decius Verus, and his wife Camilla. They live in the north of England when that country is ruled by Rome around the time when Hadrian’s Wall is being built, about 122 AD. When he is only a few months old the couple, while driving through a wild storm, negligently lose the child from the carriage they are travelling in. The child, Lucius, is found by a local woman, Mora, who decides to keep the child. And she names the baby boy Corio. Camilla blames Marcus for the loss of her [read more...]