Being Human: A Question of Survival

This book examines the way in which people in modern Western societies are drawn to the convenience and comfort of affluence that is proving to be unsustainable. How this affects our personal lives, business practices and the futures of our children is examined in terms of the future survival of our species and our planet. It is argued that everyday people need to take back control of their lives from the power and wealth elite who currently control, both overtly and covertly, many aspects of our society and economy. Also, almost [read more...]

By The River’s End

Mikaela and Alexandra’s love was in the wrong place and time. Mikaela was an only child of very rich town’s people while Alexandra grew up with a busy grandmother as her father died and mother abandoned her. Their story started with bullying. The rich girl was popular while the poor girl was an outcast. Growing up in a small religious town they were classmates from elementary to secondary school. Secret meetings between the two ladies helped them grow closer. Young as they were, they both discovered the wonders of each other’s [read more...]

Take Control of Your Money

Take Control of Your Money. A Guided Workbook To Balance Your Budget; is for anyone who wants or needs to control their money. Are your credit cards out of control, are you in debt or not sure where your money goes? Take Control of Your Money will take you step by step through a time honoured process that will help you gain control of your money and relieve the stress and tension money causes.

Roman Boy

Lucius Decius Verus is the son of a Roman officer, Marcus Decius Verus, and his wife Camilla. They live in the north of England when that country is ruled by Rome around the time when Hadrian’s Wall is being built, about 122 AD. When he is only a few months old the couple, while driving through a wild storm, negligently lose the child from the carriage they are travelling in. The child, Lucius, is found by a local woman, Mora, who decides to keep the child. And she names the baby boy Corio. Camilla blames Marcus for the loss of her [read more...]

Someone Looking Over Me

Jayne Hammersley Norrie has led a charmed, eventful, determined and rebellious life from the beginning. Adopted at 6 weeks old, she always felt that she didn’t quite fit in with her adoptive family, though she was loved and wanted for nothing. She enjoyed a privileged upbringing at Melbourne and Sydney private schools, and loved holidays at the Norman Myer Victorian Mt.Eliza family residence. From early marriage and a pre-school teaching career came a growing realisation that she was destined to become an artist. She won a coveted [read more...]

My Dearest Genie

MY DEAREST GENNIE is the story of the authors Great grandfather Staff Commander John (Jack) Thomas Ewing Gowlland R.N. (1838-1874) based on his naval logs1853-1874 and letters (1863-1874) to his wife Genevieve (nee Lord). Passing out of the Upper Naval School at Greenwich in 1853 aged 15, Jack served in the Baltic Blockade in the Crimean War and then on surveying duties in South America, British Columbia and The Ionian Islands before coming to Australia. He married Genevieve Lord who was the granddaughter of Simeon Lord, the [read more...]

Journey to the Truth

Journey to the Truth. An Introduction to the Reality of Ourselves and the World. When thinking about the meaning and purpose of our lives, most people eventually come to these questions: ‘Who am I really?’ ‘What is the purpose for being here?’ and ‘Where will I go after I die?’ Increasing numbers are contemplating this, and so beginning the process of ‘waking up’ to our original nature; true reality, versus the illusions we have been led to believe until now. This is an introduction and overview to very important [read more...]

Queen Hooey’s nest

Alex Brownlie reckons that something funny is going on with the big bullant nest on the hill behind his house. But it takes the arrival of his audacious cousin, Violet, who ignites a chain of events that ultimately lead to both Violet and Alex exploding into a world where they are definitely the odd ones’ out. Queen Hooey’s Nest is the story of the biggest and best bullant nest on Mount Majura. The Queen, Queen Hooey, is the number one ticket holder, former most beautiful and popular young bullant queen and owner of the enormous [read more...]

Dark road, Dark souls

A distraught Daniel Williams travels from Western Australia to Scotland to identify the body of his estranged son, Ben, the victim of a brutal murder. But he is dealt an unexpected hand and embarks on a search the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, battling the demons of his self destructive past and unknowingly dogged by tragedy at every turn.

The Cloning of Elvis Trilogy

Has he really left the building? Could this story chart circumstances that finally answer this question? A wealthy Australian media mogul provides DNA for research and development to Italian scientists. Supposedly, the material was from his late wife – who prematurely died, but given instead was hair follicles of ELVIS AARON PRESLEY. A contract is entered into producing a clone to be carried by the surrogate mother, the niece of the Cardinal of Milan.