Australia, Wake Up

Australia, wake up! is a call to action – a challenge to readers to speak out on what concerns them and on what they believe can and should be done. Let no-one forget the men and women who gave their lives in wars so that everyone should have that freedom. Agree or disagree with this book, but have the courage to speak your mind about the issues it raises.

Moving Down Under Made Easy

Fellow migrant Wendy Burger moved from South Africa to Australia in February 2009 with her husband and two children. In this easy-to-read and at times amusing book, Wendy has drawn on her extensive hands-on experience to share her learning’s for the benefit of people contemplating or making the move down under. Moving Down Under Made Easy will provide you with heaps of useful and up to date information to help you start a successful new life in Australia. It’s also a reality check. This beautifully illustrated book covers topics [read more...]

The Pendant

Kate Parker had always been a loner, a nobody; never one for socialising much. When her parents died in a mugging gone wrong, she had to move to her uncle’s home in another city. Her life turned upside down. Her step cousin, Gavin, would always leer at her, and made it no secret that he desired her. Then one night he made a move chasing her down an alley way. It was a dead end. There was no escape. She gripped the pendant around her neck and made a wish to be somewhere safe. Instantly Kate was transported on to a star ship that was [read more...]

Faraway Days

Sergei Rudolfovich Mintslov was one of Russia’s most prolific authors. Born and educated in Tsarist Russia, he left his homeland after the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 and spent the rest of his life in exile in Riga, Latvia. Faraway Days, penned by Mintslov in 1918, is an autobiography recounting a mischievous childhood and early adulthood. This insight into life on the country estates of the nobility as well as the evolution of a young officer in the military academy in Nizhniy Novgorod and then Moscow is unlike any story previously [read more...]

Berty Button Gets a Team

'Bertybutton Gets a Team' is the first book in a series of 8 children’s storybooks about a real fleet of trucks based in Perth, Western Australia. These trucks are their own characters called: 'Bertybutton', 'Quarters' and 'Mini Bert', all of which have exciting adventures during their working day carting interesting products within the Perth City area, to the Far North West and across Australia. 'Bertybutton Gets a Team' is the introduction to this real fleet of trucks given they are, in real life, covered in colourful and [read more...]

Another Eighteen Candles

When death hits the rewind button on your life, what would you change? For Sarah Jane Ashford it would be her passionate but tumultuous marriage to her high school sweetheart Sam. Her life meets a tragic end when the impact from a car accident dislodges her soul and propels her into the past. Sarah dies on Cahill Expressway in her thirties, and reawakens under the watchful eyes of her Boys II Men poster at age seventeen. Believing this sojourn into 1994 was an opportunity to rebuild her flawed relationship with Sam, she attempts to [read more...]

The Art of Teaching Without Teaching

The book is for new and current teachers as well as sports coaches and parents. I have de-bugged and overhauled the theory heavy manuals on teaching, currently cluttering the shelves and replaced them with a fresh, modern and practical guide to the 'Art of Teaching'. This book will help to put the essential theory of teaching into practical examples and gives context and clarity to how and when to use them in a modern pop culture environment.

Beyond Belief

Could this happen to you? Megan White, a young naive girl who wants to make an impression on the world, becomes entrapped within a large evangelical church, despite the infidelity and hypocrisy she witnesses amongst the leadership. Her escape is difficult, protracted and scarred by personal tragedy and pain. Beyond Belief provides insight into the machinations of a large fundamentalist church and takes a confronting look at the risk of passionately holding onto your beliefs despite contrary evidence before you. You cannot help but [read more...]

The Afterlife Journey

This is a story of a bricklayer that upon dying realises his atheistic views of the impossibility of life after death was incorrect. Grant’s journey in the Afterlife is full of challenging steps as he struggles to come to terms with a completely different perception of life and death while still hiding a terrible secret that he had taken to the grave. After fifty years in the Afterlife Grant must return back to Earth to face the biggest challenge of his life. A challenge that may decide the fate of every person on the [read more...]

A woman’s pocket guide to man flu

From a slight sneeze to incoherent speech. From amnesia to an emotional fragile state. Man Flu has been associated with the most shocking, the most dreadful and the most life threatening virus to hit the male population since the birth of Adam so many eons ago. What we thought was a simple gesture of Eve handing over the apple to Adam, was in fact, for all reasoning, her way of simply stating "An apple a day will keep the Doctor away". Little did she know, back then, that this little apple was to represent so much. As life has [read more...]