Flynn’s Zone

If thirteen year old Flynn could change two things about his life, firstly he’d be an only child. Goodbye Elliot! Secondly, he’d look like The Terminator so no-one would ever pick on him again. No way, Man! That included his parents, his brother, old Grumble-bum the school principal and some of the boys in his grade. That was just was about everybody, except his friend Terry and Samantha Grey, who keeps telling him she’s going to marry him when they grow up. Flynn dreams of owning a Kawasaki trail bike so he can [read more...]

Echoes of a Blacksmith

The moment Joseph Simpson’s boot was found at the fire he became a suspect. It was no secret Joseph had it in for John Taylor, the man who opened a blacksmith shop in opposition to him. Was Joseph so resentful he would set fire to the man’s hay shed? Set in Deniliquin in the 1800’s, this is a true story about opportunity, family life and conflict.

The Rock Gods of Reanton

This is a rock n roll fiction that spans 23 years and two generations of aspiring young musicians. Its journey begins in Reanton in 1989, a time and place where long haired music culture set the ground rules for the fickle teenage social scene. A young outsider with very definite ideas that the established style of music has become inbred strove to do something new. Mallory Kendall ran against the grain but was visionary and a few people saw it at the time, but the little things she said and did had a knock on effect that left the [read more...]

Beijing Book Fair 2012

What an Amazing book fair. People were lined up to talk to us about our authors book. Children's books in high demand, especially series. We have had 10 book contract signed and many more books under consideration with agents and publishers. Don't miss 2013 Beijing book fair.

The Forgotten Holocaust: a Gypsy’s Journey from Auschwitz to Freedom.

The Forgotten Holocaust, a story of the forgotten Romani holocaust, encompasses a rich cast of characters, both Romani and Gadje (non-Romani), set over three generations, stretching from England, Holland and Poland to life in a new world. The holocaust story that history swept under the carpet ... Can you ever truly escape past nightmares that dog your footsteps? Or do you confront them head on, so that you can live the rest of your life in peace? Auschwitz prisoner Gil Webb suffers the unremitting brutal terror of the [read more...]

This Flanders

This Flanders is the third in a trilogy of ballads. The lead ballad in this book – which is the book’s title – is a dedication to Australia’s World War 1 Diggers and honours their memory. There follows a variegated collection of verse telling stories of celebrated people and events of the past; of iconic places, right down to the hard yakka of ordinary men trying to make some sense of life and its hardships. This book is, in a sense, a train ride. Turning each page is like pulling into each station where you will discover that each [read more...]

Cause and Effect

Damian’s Rules for tripping: 1: Do not carry LSD on your person whilst tripping. You will only end up sobering up in three days with empty pockets and an eerie feeling of violation. 2: Freeways are for cars not pedestrians. 4: Paranoia will lead to your own demise. People will only know you are tripping if you tell them. 11. Write your address on a piece of paper and sticky tape it around your arm. Directions and words may fail you later. For Damian Tucker, life could not get much better. He has legend status at the senior [read more...]

Dragonfly Dreaming

ARE WE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS OF LIGHT? Dragonfly Dreaming is a personal spiritual journey to uncover who we are and a quest for what is real. Anna, through her personal experience, proved that conventional physical reality is just one dimension of an infinite spectrum of reality that we exist in. The significance of the orbs is that their presence en masse, at a time of momentous changes on earth, is providing us with the opportunity to accept our multidimensionality. This book is more than a personal journey into the [read more...]

Crazy bitch : A portrait of domestic violence?

This book is not for the faint hearted, the language fits the perpetrators of this kind of crime. The words used in this book are what you would expect from violent men who abuse women. Once you get over the shock you see just how clever this book is in its description of men who commit domestic violence. This is a story that must be told, it could save women from suffering at the hands of an abuser. RECOMMENDATIONS A story of domestic violence, portrayed through a series of letters from the victim to her abuser, and the abuser to [read more...]