Get in the Go Zone

The Go Zone maximises the productive hours we have in each day to get the important things done without distraction or excuse. The Slow Zone is productive but non stressful.  No big decisions are made here. In the No Zone, you are not at work AND not thinking about work.  Refresh, recover and live the life you love. Mark McKeon is a Director of Conference and Training Company, Mischief, Motivation, Attitude Pty Ltd (MMA).   MMA conducts workshops and training in wellbeing, time, leadership and sales and team [read more...]


SINGING THE COUNTRY is a grass roots view of the Tamworth Country Music Festival, the biggest festival of country music in Australia. Singing The Country features a foreword by bush ballad legend, Stan Coster, and includes chapters on every aspect of the festival, headed by remarkably apt excerpts of poetry and quotes. In the words of balladeer Coster, "This is a book that all country music lovers should have in their collection. I strongly recommend this exciting, interesting coverage of the Tamworth country music [read more...]


A many stranded story that moves through the seductions of the neon city to the claims made by the great Australian outback. It touches on survivor-guilt, obsessive love and attitudes toward possession. It shows the influence that landscape has on everything we do. Contact: to order the book.


CRY ME A RIVER is a strong collection of thirty stories dealing with the eternal issues of life, death, lies and love, all the frailties and passions that shape our lives. The character-driven stories offer generous accessibility much in the manner of the great Alice Munro. Contact: to order the book.         

How to Increase Energy Naturally

Do you drag yourself out of bed each day? Have you lost your mojo or oomph? Is fatigue ruining your life? Or is abundant energy a dream of the past? Could hormonal problems, viral infections, degenerative disease of a simple nutrient problem be to blame? A staggering twenty percent of people who visit health clinics complain about fatigue. “Burning the candle at both ends” is a natural cause of fatigue, but you are constantly tired you need to investigate “why”. Although normally due to nutrient deficiency, [read more...]

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is an insidious disorder that is at epidemic levels. It feeds the biggest killers of modern society including Type 2 diabetes,  cancer, heart disease and contributes to other life changing disorders such as infertility, sleep apnoea and Alzheimer’s disease. Fortunately with changes to eating habits and lifestyle along with specific nutritional and herbal supplements, this disorder is easily corrected. How to Stop Metabolic Syndrome Naturally shares the secrets to correcting this disorder. Vivienne [read more...]

How to Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally

Hypothyroidism is a destructive disorder that affects a large number of our population, but especially the ageing female. Hypothyroidism is frequently undiagnosed even though it can be the cause of multiple common health problems. Depression, cholesterol problems, muscle aches and pains, excess weight, fatigue and many other health problems can be due to undiagnosed and thus untreated low thyroid function.  “Is hypothyroidism a problem in pregnancy? What came first the weight gain or the thyroid problem? What [read more...]

How to Stop Candida & Thrush, Naturally

Are you plagued with the discomfort and embarrassment of candida, thrush or yeast overgrowth? Have you tried different treatments but don’t seem able to get rid of it? Have you found pessaries and drugs ineffective? In her natural health clinic, Vivienne Savill has treated hundreds of patients with this persistent condition and has found out what does and doesn’t work. When the body is weakened it becomes susceptible to candida so an effective treatment must address the underlying nutrient deficiencies and lifestyle [read more...]

The Eternal Search for God.

The Eternal Search for God takes the reader on a guided tour of the belief systems practiced by the majority of mankind. Focusing on enlightenment rather than dogma, the book begins with the earliest known belief system, passing through examples of ancient mythology to religions created in the 20th Century. Selectively interwoven into the text are relevant facts about our world and our place in the great scheme of things. Also included are profiles of thinkers whose influence altered established doctrines of belief [read more...]

Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want:

In her book “Just Like That! How to Get Anything You Want”, author Janet Poole seeks to explain to readers the one key to having an extraordinary life and after acquiring this key, readers will not only be able to help themselves, but help others as well. Poole believes she has solved our existential mystery here on Earth, and explains that the inner workings of life come down to one single key fact: that we, as humans, create what we think. After reading this book Poole hopes readers will have a better understanding of [read more...]