Nominated for inclusion at the Berlin Film and Writers Festival 2012. 1913: The world is about to go to war and Maggie Butler’s husband has run off to America, leaving his devastated wife and children to make their own way in the provincial Irish Catholic city of Wellington, New Zealand.        Craving happiness and security, the Butlers will do what it takes and go where they must – into the convent, over the sea, headlong into impulsive marriages, the low life, [read more...]

One Egg Is a Fortune

One Egg Is a Fortune is more than a recipe book, going beyond the standard offering of a cookbook – it is a series of cultural vignettes with food as the central motif, which reveals that food is a great equaliser. What this book will do is make you want to read about each person - their story and their life and then rush into the kitchen and cook their food. The easy-to-follow recipes are presented in a light and contemporary style. Happy memories are just as important to pass on as those that recall suffering. The [read more...]

How it came about’

How It Came About is an original concept that will fascinate young children learning the three 'r's. In a place called Knowledge are little towns each inhabited by particular people. In the town of Alphabet live Letters. In another town live Numbers and among the Numbers lives Zero but 'nobody took any notice of the Number Zero because she didn't amount to anything.' Frankfurt Book fair. Author Bryan Evans  Update on Book: I sent How it Came About’ to the Frankfurt Book Fair a couple of years ago. [read more...]

Phoenix- The Fifth Shadow.

Katie and Ally are both extremely psychic but their father forbids any talk of the paranormal and Ally prefers to pretend it doesn’t exist. To avoid conflict, Katie lives within the shadow of her true self, but when a ghost channels a message through her she can’t hide anymore. The chilling message tells her she is to return to a former life and confront her shadows. Katie is terrified. Phoenix, by Alison Ashley Warrambucca Books, 2011 ISBN 9780646555065

How to Become a Successful Author

34 Steps to Self-Publishing and Marketing Profits By Dr Irina Webster and William Webster When you discover our unique steps that we reveal to you in this book, you too can become a famous author writing and publishing your own book. You can earn thousands, even 10s of thousands of dollars for the rest of your life by following the steps in our book. Hi, everyone Dr Irina Webster and William Webster here, the founders of the Australian Self-Publishing Group. We don't claim to be "know-it-alls." but the one thing WE [read more...]

Ian Jolly

Writing this novel has given me a special freedom from the normal things we do on a day to day basis. Apart from the obvious tedium of typing, it is relaxing to allow my thoughts and ideas to roam about, doing whatever they like, not bound by the rigid walls of the business world. There are times at night after writing, I dream the scenes and the live the adventure. I have enjoyed the journey of writing the original draft and constantly learning as I went through the editing and rewriting process. The most rewarding aspect of the [read more...]

Ysabelle Moriarty

Ysabelle Moriarty is a serial traveler, poet and fiction writer from Sydney who's currently juggling writing with a science degree at the University of Canberra. Relatively new to writing for an audience other than her imaginary friends, "A Poet's Life for Me" is her first book, encompassing poems written from ages 16 - 21.

A Poet’s Life for Me

Nightclubs, faery queens, imaginary friends and madness, delve into the slightly unhinged musings of Ysabelle Moriarty. Join the journey of a wandering mind, transversing rainy days, rivers of wine and the kind of clarity one only finds on the road. 'A Poet's Life for Me' reflects a life scribbled on the backs of pub coasters and plane tickets. "Why do we love, what never was? What never can be? Amidst the thrill of creation, we're truly free."

Finish the Game

Unaware of the consequences Marcus and Rosie click “YES” to play their fathers interactive computer game. Chaos prevails as gale force winds swirl viciously around the room sucking the children into the game. They learn the only way home is to fulfil their destiny. Armed with shields and weapons, they begin their perilous journey to the City of Light. Deadly encounters with the dark army along the way prepare them for the battle ahead. Lord Theda, the Lord of the Dark Kingdom, an evil and ruthless warlord, stands in their [read more...]

How to Market and Promote Your Book.

Book Launch. Musings at Deaths door. 3rd April Bay Books Batemans bay. 5PM. Food and drink supplied. Come meet the author.         William and Irina are available to do talks. On How to Become a Successful author? Their talks are not about how to write a book, but how to have a successful book and become a number one best selling author. Why not drop them an email at or phone 0262912904 and get them to come to your writers group.