Cooking Hints and Recipes for Pancreatitis

Cooking Hints and Recipes for Pancreatitis

This publication supplements Beating Pancreatitis by providing details on the basic nutritional aspects of pancreatitis and the dietary changes required to minimize the chances of any bouts of pancreatitis occurring.  ‘Cooking Hints and Recipes for Pancreatitis’ includes over 90 recipes.

Beating Pancreatitis – How To Get Healthy And Enjoy Life Again

Beating Pancreatitis - How To Get Healthy And Enjoy Life Again

By Jenny and Bill Sankey An internet best seller is now available in printed format for widespread publication. ‘Beating Pancreatitis – How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Life Again!’ is the story of a daughter’s frustration in not being able to find out more about the condition that killed her Father. Jenny Sankey could not understand why pancreatitis had claimed her Father’s life and why there was so little known about the condition.  She then took it upon herself to find out about the condition and to help others as they dealt [read more...]

Jack the Arachibutyrophobiac

Jack the Arachibutyrophobiac

JACK THE ARACHIBUTYROPHOBIAC (= A fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth!) This is an entertaining story about Jack, who develops a fear of eating his favourite food, peanut butter, after an unfortunate incident one day, at the school tuck shop. A Rhesus monkey named Rex comes to his aid, and saves him from his arachibutyrophobia. This book also contains information on how you can save an allergic person’s life, if they go into anaphylactic shock, after eating peanuts or peanut butter, by obtaining knowledge [read more...]

Ennui And The New Canoe

This is a story about the legendary Steve Irwin, (the late Australian wildlife conservationist), and a crocodile, called Ennui.  As the name implies, Ennui, after a brilliant, promising start to his career, finds he has a problem working long-term for Steve, in the tourist industry.  His talents lie dormant, and he becomes unhappy and lazy, not fulfilling his contractual obligations to Steve.  Eventually Ennui discovers his true potential as a boat builder extraordinaire, and his inner conflict is [read more...]

Miracles or Coincidences – Miracles Do Happen

Have you considered that you are constantly surrounded by miracles? Would you like to be? This book makes miracles accessible to all with amazing stories, lessons and examples of everyday people, celebrities and celebrated Aussies. Geraldine’s conversational style makes this book a must read whether you are in the best of times or not. You’ll Learn; 7 steps to recognize and harness the power of miracles • That Miracles are happening around us everyday • Recognize the blocks that are holding you [read more...]

The Personal Development Handbook

The Personal Development Handbook Cover

‘“The Personal Development Handbook” is an incisive and practical guide to help people stop looking for happiness in the wrong places,” Annie says. “Many people think that they are just the way that they are, however, that is far from the truth. You learned your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, so why would you think you couldn’t unlearn them? “If you think of your mind as a computer, you simply need to become the technician that can upgrade the software to the new programs with all the [read more...]

Secrets to Getting Pregnant – You Can Overcome Infertility

Secrets To Getting Pregnant Book

"My Dear Mommy! It is great that God gave me the right to choose my parents. And even more amazing: I can do it long before my conception. Without you realizing it, I have already chosen you, Mom..." from your future baby. Secrets to Getting Pregnant You Can Overcome Infertility. The best way to treat infertility is a combination of Conventional and Alternative medical approaches. Roger C Hirst O.M.D My name is Dr Irina Webster. I am a medical doctor and also the director of Women Health Issues Program an international [read more...]

Mom Please Help Book

Mom Please Help Book

When Karen's daughter nearly died in hospital from Anorexia-Bulimia she was absolutely determined to find real help for this dreadful disease. Karen had gone through all the conventional avenues before taking things into her own hands. Karen was just a simple mother who in the face of great adversity followed her own feelings and intuition to come up with a plan to rid her daughter of this insidious condition when all else failed. This book is the culmination of what Karen did and how she proved many professionals wrong. The book [read more...]