Secrets to Getting Pregnant – You Can Overcome Infertility

Secrets To Getting Pregnant Book

"My Dear Mommy! It is great that God gave me the right to choose my parents. And even more amazing: I can do it long before my conception. Without you realizing it, I have already chosen you, Mom..." from your future baby. Secrets to Getting Pregnant You Can Overcome Infertility. The best way to treat infertility is a combination of Conventional and Alternative medical approaches. Roger C Hirst O.M.D My name is Dr Irina Webster. I am a medical doctor and also the director of Women Health Issues Program an international [read more...]

Mom Please Help Book

Mom Please Help Book

When Karen's daughter nearly died in hospital from Anorexia-Bulimia she was absolutely determined to find real help for this dreadful disease. Karen had gone through all the conventional avenues before taking things into her own hands. Karen was just a simple mother who in the face of great adversity followed her own feelings and intuition to come up with a plan to rid her daughter of this insidious condition when all else failed. This book is the culmination of what Karen did and how she proved many professionals wrong. The book [read more...]

Cure Your Eating Disorder, 5 Step program to change your Brain: TheNeuroplasticity Approach.

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"The Most Advanced Treatment Method for Anorexia-Bulimia: Now Anyone Can Effectively Achieve the Brain Changes Needed to Stop Their Eating Disorder, Forever.” There is Help for your Eating Disorder it’s called - Neuroplasticity. Dr Irina Webster has been at the forefront of research into eating disorders ever since she was a student doctor. You see: Dr Irina was not only studying to be a doctor, she was also a sufferer of anorexia and then bulimia for many years. Dr Irina knows both sides of these [read more...]