Beijing Book Fair 2016

Do you dream about having your book picked up by an International publisher or literary agent? This year is your chance to achieve your dream. The Australian Self Publishing Group (ASPG) and Inspiring Publishers are heading to the Beijing book fair to promote Australian books, and authors. The fair is on the 23rd -28th August 2016, there has never been a better time to send your book. This year, our promise is to promote your book to at least 12 literary agents and 5 publishing houses, all looking for that unique title! Every [read more...]

I Miss the Hippies

This work of non-fiction covers the author Ern Towns thoughts on current society compared to that of the hippies. Written in details from a man's perspective on how a gnawing disdain of modern society leads to looking at the simple life of the hippies and realising that their original ideals have all but vanished. The author looks back at his adult life and tries to unlock the underlying reasons as why things went astray, literally by going astray. The book goes through various and different real life sexual encounters. Eventually [read more...]

God Is The Dance

There comes a time when you need to write your thoughts on paper. There comes a time when you need to tell your story. This is a story with a difference; this is a story with a twist. A journey of poems and prose that helped me through the hard times; when I needed God the most, he was always there to meet me, no matter what time of day or night. When you're going through the storms of life, whatever, that curve ball that has been thrown at you may be. When all seems lost and you're in despair; that's the storm of life, I'm [read more...]

Changing SUX! but, why not make it simple?

We hear about all sorts of problems though our lives that most people find it hard to understand. The author Geoffrey McClelland has written this in the hope of shedding some light on the enormous benefits of subjecting yourself to the horrors of change when it is needed. The writing in this book will give you a different way to deal with all of life’s issues! We don’t need to try too hard, we don’t need to force things to happen, we just need to do. The content has been proven to work with enormous accuracy and blatant truth [read more...]

Bill’s Book

Lovers from a past world suddenly re-unite when Barrister Bill Watts is cross examining James Donald, a corrupt detective, only to find Donald is the husband of his ex-girlfriend Annie. When Donald is suddenly murdered and Annie charged he takes the gamble of his life to avoid her spending a life in prison. He convinces her to run away with him to start a new life. After years of avoiding detection from the constant pursuit from Donald’s fellow corrupt officers they eventually feel safe and settle and become invisible in the Kimberley [read more...]

A Present Future

Spirituality is not a theory of the mind but an experience of the heart. The way of spirituality is through the gut of experience, a conversation with life provoked by life itself. Our spiritual journey is a gradual emerging of this conversation, a deepening awareness of the mystery of life. We search for the existence of a God, a puerile search according to the attitude of many. Yet every question about God is a question about ourselves, a search for our own identity. Who am I? What am I? It seems as we look at the span of history [read more...]

Whistles and Chimes and Other Rhymes

Whistles and Chimes and Other Rhymes is a delightful collection of twenty-six original poems in rhyming verse. Featuring quirky animals, elves, fairies, and a trove of other nonsensical characters, it is bound to charm and delight both children and the young at heart!

Soapy Soapy and Song

The Soapy song is very unique as you can personalise it for your child. I encourage you to insert your child's name at the end of each chorus to enjoy this experience to its full effect. In this way you and your children can begin your own Soapy adventures. It is great to sing at bath time and play with a bar of soap. It is also great to sing and share the chorus at anytime you want to lift your mood.

Cliffs of Ochre. Trilogy Book 2.

Chloe, the mixed-race illegitimate daughter of a cattle baron inherits vast landholdings in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. The wealth has been accumulated by her father’s criminal actions brought on by the desperation to survive which saw him dragged into a conspiracy from which there was no escape. Chloe had been brought up on Venus Downs, unacknowledged by Henry Boyce, her natural father. On the death of her father and his adopted twin sons she is suddenly party to the ongoing crime. A young [read more...]


The book includes chapters on: Armageddon Global Warming The Fallacy of the Free Market The World Bank and the IMF The Global Financial Crisis The World Trade Organization Debt in Developing Countries The Simple Solution to World Poverty War and Peace—The Bane of the UN The Israeli Occupation of Palestine The September 11 Controversy Review Armageddon races away with chapters on the trouble with capitalism and the need for environmental sanity. I am reminded of the grand tradition of pamphleteering—one that used to [read more...]