Beating Pancreatitis – How To Get Healthy And Enjoy Life Again

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By Jenny and Bill Sankey

An internet best seller is now available in printed format for widespread publication.

Beating Pancreatitis – How to Get Healthy and Enjoy Life Again!’ is the story of a daughter’s frustration in not being able to find out more about the condition that killed her Father.

Jenny Sankey could not understand why pancreatitis had claimed her Father’s life and why there was so little known about the condition.  She then took it upon herself to find out about the condition and to help others as they dealt with what can be one of the most infuriating and least understood medical conditions.  Yet, as Jenny was to discover through the stories of fellow sufferers, most incidences of pancreatitis can be managed through a combination of better understanding and knowledge about how the condition affects the body, mind and spirit of the sufferer, symptoms to look out for, what medical treatments are most common and what treatment options are available.

A companion book to ‘Beating Pancreatitis’ is >Cooking Hints and Recipes for Pancreatitis

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