Beijing Book Fair 2014

Self Publishing

The Australian Self Publishing Group will again have a stand at the upcoming Beijing Book Fair 27th August till 31st August. This is the perfect place for the new or upcoming author to showcase their book. China is rapidly becoming the biggest market for Western books in the world and they are especially interested in Australia books, being our biggest trading partners.

Unlike some of the other International book fairs, the Chinese do not care if the author is unknown, they care about the content of the book and if it suits their market.

At last years Beijing book fair we found contracts for 20 books, with interest in another 16.

The Beijing book fair is the perfect venue for Children’s books and is rapidly becoming the Asia version of the Bologna Children’s book fair. Last year we had Chinese and other Asia publishers lining up to see our children’s books. If you have a series of children’s books then this is very attractive to them.

For further inquires:

Phone: 02 6291 2904.

The Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF), now held nineteen times since its inception in 1986, continues to uphold its principle of “introducing excellent books from around the world into China and leading Chinese books to the world”. Over the past twenty years, the BIBF has been an event of the utmost importance to publishers, and has received major support and participation from domestic and overseas book and publishing industries, gradually confirming BIBF’s international brand status, and turning it into a major international publishing event incorporating copyright trade, book trade, cultural events, displays, consultation services and professional networking.

The 21st Beijing International Book Fair will be held at the China International Exhibition Centre (New Venue) from August 27 to August 31, 2014. The exhibition area will cover 53,600 square meters, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will take part as the Country of Honour. Besides expanding and improving on the General Publishing Zone, 2013BIBF will continue to run the Digital Publishing Zone and the Children’s Book, Cartoons & Animation Zone, Periodical Zone, Publishing on Demand Zone, the Rights Centre and the Library Acquisition Zone.