Beijing Book Fair 2015 Review

Australian Self-Publishing Group Pty Ltd reviewing the Beijing Book Fair 2015.

The Beijing Book Fair 2015 has finished. We met with hundreds of publishers, literary agents and book distributors from many regions of China and Asia.

It was a good and productive book fair. Many of our books had lots of attention from publishing industry professionals. Now we will continue to communicate with all these people via the internet in order to complete deals, help them chose the right titles, tell them more about the books and send them PDFs for further assessments by their editorial teams.

Here are some of the photos we took during the fair.


Our stand just before the opening of the fair


Irina during the presentation of her book “The Secret Energy of Your Body. An Intuitive Guide to Healing, Health and Wellness.” She did it on the first day of the fair. It went wonderfully well. She got lots of positive responses.


With a children’s books publishers from Shanghai. They are very interested in a few children’s series.


With the publisher from Beijing. He is interested in some of the fiction books and non-fiction (how to) books from our catalogue.


With the publishers of spiritual/ healing books.

You can look at our catalogue from the Beijing Book Fair 2015. You may find the titles you are interested in.

If you have any questions regarding the fair, or you may want your book to be presented at the fair next year, please contact us or call us 02 62912904

We also attend regularly, every year the Frankfurt Book Fair (October), London Book Fair (March) and Beijing Book Fair (August).

Now, we are getting ready for the Frankfurt Book Fair and if you want to present your book please contact as soon as possible. The dead line for Frankfurt is 5th of October as the fair starts on the 14th-18th October.