Beijing Book Fair 2016

Self Publishing

Do you dream about having your book picked up by an International publisher or literary agent?

This year is your chance to achieve your dream. The Australian Self Publishing Group (ASPG) and Inspiring Publishers are heading to the Beijing book fair to promote Australian books, and authors. The fair is on the 23rd -28th August 2016, there has never been a better time to send your book.

This year, our promise is to promote your book to at least 12 literary agents and 5 publishing houses, all looking for that unique title!

Every book will also be picked up by at least one literary agent for further promotion. This comes after a resent deal with several agencies that are looking to engage with more self-published, Australian books.

ASPG has established trusted and rewarding relationships with many international agents and publishers after attending the Beijing book fair now for 6 years. In fact we are the only Australian publisher to do this, hence our great standing.

This is a unique opportunity to have these industry professionals review your book and help you reach your goals!

This year we have a unique promotional opportunity for authors who wish to take part.

ASPG has been invited to present books at the main hall, where we will be promoting Australian books, live on stage. This is such a privilege to be asked to participate.

During this presentation, we will have an interpreter and a large screen where we will present each book individually. Plus, each author who participates will get a video of their book’s presentation to use as advertising on YouTube or other digital and social media. This alone will get their book above the crowd.

Take part in this incredible opportunity for your book to be seen by hundreds of international industry professionals!

There are limited spaces available, so to secure your book please contacts ASPG as soon as possible.

For more information on this promotional opportunity or the costs associated please contact:

William Webster
Phone: 02 62912904
Postal address: 29 Goldfinch cct Theodore ACT 2905.