Book Fairs

Self Publishing

International book fairs are certainly a great way to get your book picked up by publishers and agents.

Author Testimonial 2014 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Checkout the video for a look at why you should come or send your book with us to the London Book Fair.

Here are some of the books we have signed contracts for with Publishers from the last few book fairs.

  • How to make Paper aircraft books 1, 2, 3, Korean and German publishers. 2 contracts. (how to book).
  • Get in the Go Zone, Singapore and Korean publishers.Two contracts. (business book)
  • Sooner or Later we all stop laughing, Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Sooner or Later we all come home. Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Sooner or later we all get even. Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Seed of hope. Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Turquoise. Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Secrets to getting Pregnant. Singapore/ Malaysian publisher. UK and European Publisher (self help)
  • Mom Please Help. UK and European Publisher (self  help).
  • Sydney song. Chinese publisher (Novel)
  • Realms of Gold. Chinese publisher. (Novel)
  • Sea Between, publisher. (Novel)
  • Pregnancy from A to Z. (self help) Turkish publisher.
  • Fresh food friends series. (Children) Chinese Publisher.

Books pickup by Agents for further promotion.

  • The Beat Of My Own Drum. (Picture book).
  • Who’s in the Grass (kids book).
  • Mister Button (kids book).
  • China Doll charm (picture book)
  • Think Beings (kids book).
  • Astro’s Adventures series 5 books. (kids book).
  • Mary the Hairy Fairy (kids book).
  • The Iddly Widdly Piddly Pop-off! (kids book).
  • The Iddly Widdly Fiddly Poo! (kids book).
  • Babyweights. (how to book/ self help).
  • A woman’s pocket guide to man flu. (humour book).
  • Alien Shenanigans (kids book).
  • 100 Scenes (Graphic novel)
  • Bertybutton Gets a Team (kids book).
  • The Rock Gods of Reanton. (Novel).
  • Superfood Spike and The Fart of Junkfood Jimmy (kids book).
  • Overeating rescue book. (self help).
  • Get Real. (health book).
  • Echoes of a Blacksmith. ( novel).
  • Cause and Effect. (novel).
  • The Unwanted Guest (novel).
  • Scruffy Wuffy’s Dog Diary. (kids book).
  • Eric Echidna and the Turtle Family (kids book).
  • The Great Rat Invasion (kids book).
  • Where’s Henry? (kids book).
  • The Goannas’ Lunch (kids book).
  • Winston A Tale of Disobedience (kids book).
  • The Fairy Fair (kids book).
  • The Adventure of Tiny Tim Turtle (kids book).
  • A Mouse Story (kids book).
  • What we’re Wheelie like (self Help).
  • The Punters Retirement Plan. The Ultimate Punter’s Bible (how to book).
  • A Poet Life for Me (poetry)
  • Family Conversation about God (spiritual book).
  • A portrait of domestic violence (novel).
  • Gingerbread Aliens (kids book).
  • The Forgotten Holocaust: a Gypsy’s Journey from Auschwitz to Freedom (historical novel).
  • Dragonfly Dreaming: A Spiritual Journey. (spiritual book).

If the authors did not send their books to the book fair then they would not have the results.