Ian Jolly

Writing this novel has given me a special freedom from the normal things we do on a day to day basis. Apart from the obvious tedium of typing, it is relaxing to allow my thoughts and ideas to roam about, doing whatever they like, not bound by the rigid walls of the business world. There are times at night after writing, I dream the scenes and the live the adventure. I have enjoyed the journey of writing the original draft and constantly learning as I went through the editing and rewriting process. The most rewarding aspect of the [read more...]

Ysabelle Moriarty

Ysabelle Moriarty is a serial traveler, poet and fiction writer from Sydney who's currently juggling writing with a science degree at the University of Canberra. Relatively new to writing for an audience other than her imaginary friends, "A Poet's Life for Me" is her first book, encompassing poems written from ages 16 - 21.

Catherine Chapman

Author Catherine Chapman was recently published in New York with her children’s book on healthy eating. Her book was endorsed by Diabetes ACT. Catherine is passionate about helping raise awareness and funds for diabetes, as her husband and his family have a history of diabetes. Her nephew also suffers with type 1 diabetes and both her children are at risk. Catherine created a series of characters and named them the take 5 plus 2 team. The team challenges everyone to eat five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a [read more...]