Finding a Niche Market

Finding a Niche Market is essential for self publishing authors. Niche markets are important for 4 reasons. 1: They increase book sales. 2: The author is promoting to a hot market 3: Many Niche market buyers purchase multiple books in the same Genre’ 4: Books are less likely to be returned by buyers for a refund. Niche markets work very well for Self Help, How to books, and Business books, as people continually buy different books, if the topic excites them. Novels can work in niche markets as well, and is proven to [read more...]

Fabulous Book Launch (2 November 2017)

A great time was had by all, at the book launch of "Deepen Yourself" author Jeff Knowles, at the Paperchain bookshop Manuka Canberra. Jeff sold over a hundred books at the event and ran out of books, having to place another order of 50 books just to fill the orders. Well done Jeff. Get Jeff's book at: Inspiring Book Shop Brought to you by Australian Self Publishing Group and Inspiring Publishers

Frankfurt International Book Fair

We have a great opportunity for authors, if they would like to get their book in front of industry professionals who can make decisions. For authors who may be interested in getting their book displayed at the Frankfurt International Book fair in October. This is the only chance a self published author can get their book on the main Australia Unlimited stand, as you have to be a publisher to do so, this is where we help. The stand is run by the Australian Publishers Association (APA), backed up by the Arts Council. This [read more...]

Would you like an eBook with your print book? 3 reasons why you should.

Digital publishing of books has taken the publishing world by storm, in the last few years. Statistics show eBooks have been well received by the modern reader, as more devises like tablets, eReaders and smartphones have to be thanked for this development. Here are 3 reasons why digital publishing is gaining popularity among publishers. Digital publishing generates more income, as a backup to your printed book. If you have a business or self help book a digital book can be a strong business-building tool. Placing [read more...]

You’ve published an eBook but it’s not setting the world alight. What do you do?

Here is a great article from one of our partners, Impelsys. You've published an ebook but it's not setting the world alight. What do you do? A company that’s conscientious about inbound principles and writing content will often produce eBooks – but won’t always succeed in promoting them. This isn’t necessarily because the substance of the eBook isn’t there. It’s because they don’t quite know how to present and promote it effectively: it needs to be appealing to their target audience, and it needs to actually appear in front [read more...]

Market Watch : Key Points to Take Into 2017 for Players in Digital Publishing Industry

In the last one decade digital publishing has gone through multiple stages of progress, we have seen technology shaping the way content is created, delivered and consumed. As technology is on path of continuous evolution it keeps on changing aspects of life and business. Every year we hear buzzwords, some of them disappear and some become mainstay of the business. In 2017 we might hear new phrases and see the existing ones consolidating their roles. In this article we will have a brief insight on what trends will emerge or grow [read more...]

Author Talks : I Married Crystal Meth

"I married crystal meth" talks about my struggles as a wife of a former drug and alcohol addict, the devastating effects of substance abuse are powerful and if untreated will prove fatal. I am certain this book will promote hope, inspiration and reassurance amongst both, addicts and their loved ones, it will guide you to the path of sobriety – there is freedom outside the addiction gates. Buy Online

The importance of a relevant congruent book cover

If the outside of your book is badly designed or ugly, why would anyone want to read what’s inside? A book cover is an invitation to a reader or a buyer; it is a way for persuading them to read your book. The cover beckons to them to enter the world of what your book is about and interact with your characters for awhile. Your cover should clearly convey to the reader the genre of your book. It should tell the reader in one glance what the book is about. It should not be misleading, like showing a cake on the cover but is really a [read more...]

Book Fairs Work

Wonderful success for Belinda T and her book Experiencing Grace. We took her book to Frankfurt book fair and one of our partner companies loved it so much they did this interview. Youtube :

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

The Frankfurt book fair was a great success. The Australian Publishers Association did a fantastic job on organising the stand. We had meetings with a number of literary agents and publishers. Here are just some of main ones. Kalem Agency: Turkey September Publishing Trafalgar Publishing Sandra Bruna Agency, Spanish agent who deals with Spain, Spanish South America, Portugal, and Argentina. Beijing Hua Yun-shang De International Culture Exchange, Publishers who have 10 other publishers attached to them. [read more...]