Australian Self Publish Group Author report, Hunger Games Protocol.

One of our authors has just released a very interesting book The Hunger Games Protocol: Unauthorised from the capitol. This is just in time for the release of the new movie, although it wasn't planned that way. Robert Greenberg is a fanatical fun of the Hunger Games series and his book actually delves into the whole running of the Hunger Games, filling in a lot of detail that is not covered in the movies or other books it is quite unique. So If you are a big fan of the Hunger Games I would certainly have a look at Roberts new [read more...]

Book Marketing using Social Media for Emerging Author

Most authors have traditionally used offline strategies to create buzz for their new book. These methods typically entail striving to gain coverage in local press, sending out press releases and holding public sessions to talk about the book. These methods are certainly costly and may not reach as many people as an emerging author may intend to. Social media has changed this, and emerging authors can now access millions of potential readers and buyers. Through a well created website, an emerging author is able to connect to his [read more...]

Is the bookshop dead?

Is the bookshop dead? This was a major discussion point at the latest London book fair April 2011. There are a number of top CEO's from companies like Penguin, Harper Collins and others, who are certainly very worried about the whole situation. Penguin Group CEO John Makinson was quoted as saying: "there is certainly a transformation in every area of the publishing chain" a revolution is happening. He continued by saying "Try to understand how the growth in digital is going to track with the inevitable decline of, [read more...]