US book buyers supporting US authors. Why aren’t Australians doing the same thing?

One of the things lacking in Australia is the reluctance of Australians to support our own Authors. With the advent of all the cheap books being sold in the Malls around the place for $5, even Post offices are doing the same thing: is it any wonder that Australian authors are having a bad time. What most Australian book buyers do not realise is 99% of these books are dumped here and are produced in the USA or UK, to the detriment of our home grown authors. Here is a report from one of our partner companies and what is starting [read more...]

Booksales the best in many years in the USA

A massive pickup in book sales in the USA is a great opportunity for Australian writers. With our new USA partner companies, Trajectory and Overdrive we are well placed to take advantage of the rise in book sales. It also seems like many buyers are abandoning Amazon for other booksellers in the USA, as many become disillusioned by some bad publicity. A report by PW news that book buyer Deborah Johnson at Barston-s Child’s Play – which has four stores in the greater Washington, D.C. area – notes, “People do say, ‘I don’t want [read more...]

Book Marketing using Social Media for Emerging Author

Most authors have traditionally used offline strategies to create buzz for their new book. These methods typically entail striving to gain coverage in local press, sending out press releases and holding public sessions to talk about the book. These methods are certainly costly and may not reach as many people as an emerging author may intend to. Social media has changed this, and emerging authors can now access millions of potential readers and buyers. Through a well created website, an emerging author is able to connect to his [read more...]

Is the bookshop dead?

Is the bookshop dead? This was a major discussion point at the latest London book fair April 2011. There are a number of top CEO's from companies like Penguin, Harper Collins and others, who are certainly very worried about the whole situation. Penguin Group CEO John Makinson was quoted as saying: "there is certainly a transformation in every area of the publishing chain" a revolution is happening. He continued by saying "Try to understand how the growth in digital is going to track with the inevitable decline of, [read more...]