Frankfurt International Book Fair

We have a great opportunity for authors, if they would like to get their book in front of industry professionals who can make decisions. For authors who may be interested in getting their book displayed at the Frankfurt International Book fair in October. This is the only chance a self published author can get their book on the main Australia Unlimited stand, as you have to be a publisher to do so, this is where we help. The stand is run by the Australian Publishers Association (APA), backed up by the Arts Council. This [read more...]

Taipei Book Fair 2017

Taipei book fair was a great success for many of our authors, and we are just waiting on the results. The fair is run and organised by Austrade and Inspiring publishers were on the Austrade stand. This fair goes for 6 days and has a great following across Asia, including China. It is very unusual for any Publisher to have as many literary agents request PDFs of most books we had on the stand, a great result. See results here. Inspiring Publishers have built up a great following of publishers and agents who come every year to [read more...]

Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

The Frankfurt book fair was a great success. The Australian Publishers Association did a fantastic job on organising the stand. We had meetings with a number of literary agents and publishers. Here are just some of main ones. Kalem Agency: Turkey September Publishing Trafalgar Publishing Sandra Bruna Agency, Spanish agent who deals with Spain, Spanish South America, Portugal, and Argentina. Beijing Hua Yun-shang De International Culture Exchange, Publishers who have 10 other publishers attached to them. [read more...]

Beijing Book Fair 2016

Do you dream about having your book picked up by an International publisher or literary agent? This year is your chance to achieve your dream. The Australian Self Publishing Group (ASPG) and Inspiring Publishers are heading to the Beijing book fair to promote Australian books, and authors. The fair is on the 23rd -28th August 2016, there has never been a better time to send your book. This year, our promise is to promote your book to at least 12 literary agents and 5 publishing houses, all looking for that unique title! Every [read more...]

Taipei Book Fair 2016

The Taipei book fair organised by the Australian Publishers Association in conjunction with Austrade, was a great success. Every author who sent their books got a great response from publishers and literary agents. It certainly makes a difference being on the Australia Unlimited stand with other Australian publishers. This was a very busy book fair and we had meetings nearly every 30 minutes and great excitement for our books. This is a book fair we are now adding to our list, which now includes Taipei, Beijing and Frankfurt. We [read more...]

London Book Fair 2016

Celebrating its 45 year anniversary in April 2016, The London Book Fair is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. Staged annually, LBF sees more than 25,000 publishing professionals arrive in London for the week of the show to learn, network and kick off their year of business. The London Book Fair Conferences place the spotlight on a specific aspect of the industry offering exciting keynote speakers, future-gazing [read more...]

Attention authors. Send your book to The Beijing book fair 2015.

Although August may seem a long way away, now is the time to plan for your book to be displayed, 27 to 31st August. China is a massively growing book market, the most rapid in the world. Also the Chinese are interested in all things Western and are learning English at an astonishing rate. It has never been more important to get your book exposed to this growing market. The kinds of books they are interested in are: Children's books, especially series of books Any book on learning English Fiction books, but not political, [read more...]

Beijing Book Fair 2014

The Australian Self Publishing Group will again have a stand at the upcoming Beijing Book Fair 27th August till 31st August. This is the perfect place for the new or upcoming author to showcase their book. China is rapidly becoming the biggest market for Western books in the world and they are especially interested in Australia books, being our biggest trading partners. Unlike some of the other International book fairs, the Chinese do not care if the author is unknown, they care about the content of the book and if it suits their [read more...]

Beijing Book Fair 2012

What an Amazing book fair. People were lined up to talk to us about our authors book. Children's books in high demand, especially series. We have had 10 book contract signed and many more books under consideration with agents and publishers. Don't miss 2013 Beijing book fair.