Live after Death

TPJ Van Der Walt in his book, asks an interesting question? WHERE WILL YOU LIVE WHEN YOU DIE? When death knocks on your door and you spend your last minutes on earth, where would you like to open your eyes? Throughout all ages of human existence the question remains, what happens after you die. The author in the book Live after death says, that freedom in the kingdom binds all people leaving them with a choice of two life styles you have to pick after you die. Heaven or Hell! Heaven and Hell are real, and it is your [read more...]

Friends, with TOYS!

Friends, with TOYS! This is a rhyming book celebrating friendship and outside play. This is the second book in the series of "Friends, with" introducing a new friend Robert. The friends all enjoy playing with their special toys outside and interacting with one another in a fun and entertaining way. A story of friendship, individuality and the enjoyment of being a child. About the Author Nicole Mary French was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1968. She has lived in many parts of rural South Australia since. She has a love [read more...]

One big secret. A thousand little lies.

IN 2002 Australia witnessed a witch hunt the size and complexity of which had not been seen since the Lindy Chamberlain case. At its centre stood the horse Cambridge, his owners and a team of veterinarians attempting to save his life. The accusers comprised a protest group, the proprietors of a web site reputed to represent Australia's equestrian fraternity (8 million hits per month), the Bureau of Animal Welfare and the RSPCA, who claimed to have "never had such a response to one issue in its entire history". All forms of media [read more...]

Jesus son of God

Jesus son of God is our Game Changer In our Lord Jesus Christ there is always hope for all who have faith and trust in his Holy name; trusting in him because he has changed the world; our life is so brief yet he came to give us life and everlasting hope. Jesus son of God is our game changer; he came to our world over 2000 years ago, to tell his parables, stories about how things will go; and the things our Messiah said still haunt the world today; he taught about love and faith, to believe in all he teaches, he taught us [read more...]

Book of prayers, and short stories

My encounter with Jacob, "my calling". My life changing experience started many years ago, when a messenger from God asked me to acknowledge the word of God. I was at a train station with two of my boys, now in their thirties; My messenger had a limp in his leg, he was in his seventies, olive skinned, with thin build, he carried nothing and with many people around he chose me to talk to and my boys where witnesses to his presence; He asked if we could talk about God; he said he came from the Holy Land and that God healed him [read more...]

Escape into Nowhere

An autobiography of Klaas Dijk during his time in The Resistance in Amsterdam (1940-45). Klaas Dijk was 20 years of age when the War broke out in Holland on 10th May 1940. He attended English classes at the Simon Noort Institute and it was there he first became involved with The Resistance. Simon helped Jewish refugees from Germany to find a new homeland. When the War broke out Klaas was ordered to work in Germany. He was able to escape the German guards after receiving his train ticket to Germany and was lucky that train was [read more...]

Cold Gold 5

Dennis J, McTaggart, once again throws the reader head first into the action of Teddy and his crew of abalone poachers. In the fifth book in the Cold Gold series, Slick the hired gun, is after Teddy. He’s bankrolled by Jean, Freddy’s widow, and mother to the late Victor, her deceased son. Bevin Quale, the Ex-Vietnam Veteran, hits his straps and finds a place in Teddy’s team, and also rekindles a lost love in the form of his wife of many years. As the bodies pile up pressure mounts on Senior Inspector Ray Boyd to get to the [read more...]

When the Angel Say Amen: the history of the Cherokee Indians

The backdrop to this amazingly conceived book is of the US Army’s cruel massacring and forced removal of the Indigenous Native Americans from their 'sacred lands', 200 years ago. White Moon is the daughter of the 'Shaman' (spiritually gifted) Tribal Chief and the book tells of her life, the forced renouncement of her tribal identity and the touching romance with her life-long friend. VERA LUCIA LIMA – The Author is a very remarkable woman. Aged 12, she realised she could see and hear things, others couldn’t. Now, an [read more...]

The Bird’s Nest

The Bird's Nest is set in the mid-1950's, rural New Zealand. Alex Hayward returns from the Korean War and gets into a scuffle with an army mate, which ends in his friend's death. As a trained killer, this will not look good so he decides to hide in a local area of native bush known as The Bird’s Nest until the incident is hopefully forgotten about - or he can decide what to do. Before he retreats to his hideout, he meets a girl called Ruby. She travels to London and then to Sydney and finally, returns to New Zealand with a [read more...]

Hunted is the Prey

Hunted is the Prey, is Donovan Hoult’s latest book. The ruthless climb of Winton Springer, an itinerant shearer picked up on an outback Queensland road by Sam Carlin, the owner of a struggling oil and gas exploration company. Uneducated, but highly intelligent, Springer resorts to unscrupulous blackmail, theft and murder as he manipulates himself into seizing total control as the company evolves. He ruthlessly exploits and plans the ultimate destruction of people who know too much of his dealings, and he of theirs, in the [read more...]