A Peg Leg Hero

Bob Pearson has led a very active and diverse life spanning three careers: soldier, engineer administrator. With his first book ’A Penny On Friday.’ about his early life which began in pre-war Lancashire leading up to and included the Second World War. He has also made several contributions to works in Australia and England as recent as 2012. With his sequel ‘A Peg Leg Hero‘; he enlisted in the army in Feb 1945 , under age at 16 years, and served from 1945 to 1961, with active service in the occupation forces in Italy, [read more...]

Tough Times Tough Decisions

Moving your loved one into Aged Care is never going to be easy. There are so many emotions to deal with – there is a lot of advice on where to go and how to pay for it - but there is nothing about dealing with your emotions. We are here to ease your way and help you through this difficult time. In the last couple of years things have changed. My sisters and I became our father’s care givers, our roles have been reversed. How do we handle it? How does he handle it? Lots of emotions rushing about, harsh words but more [read more...]

The Secrets to Successful Selling

There are more people employed in the selling profession then in any other field of work. In fact we are all ‘selling’ something one way or another; a product or service, big ideas or personal issues. We ‘sell’ to our wives or husbands, the children, and we could be said to be ‘selling’ even when we are buying! Everyone is a salesperson; everyone is ‘marketing’ something. This book is aimed at achieving more successful outcomes through selling and personal communications. This work, and its sometimes unusual ideas and methods, will [read more...]

The Fulcrum Star- Balance Disturbed

In the year 1408, in the lands of Enabladoor, upon the sister planet to Earth-Solestia, the bloodied, massacred bodies of soldiers- both attackers and defenders- lay upon the grassy slope afoot the castle Magniforte. Our story begins almost 1400 years earlier upon the very same land upon the very same planet as unwittingly the inhabitants go about their daily lives. Descending from the coastal regions of the North, the nomadic hunting and gathering people known as the Axeons arrive for their once in a century hunt, for the giant [read more...]

The Chronicles of Detroit, Michigan

Its 2012 Detroit is still suffering from the GFC, job loss, poverty is high the only things that are growing are the many casinos that feed off the poor and that leads to a sky rocketing crime and murder rate. Detroit was once the beacon of the USA now its ruins hid a secret? His name is Michael, a boy of only 17. He has no idea of the many layers of lies and truths about his life, his birth, plus the conflict inside of his heart that is hidden. In the back ground keeping Michael safe and hidden from unknown enemies is the [read more...]

On Your Marks

The task of establishing yourself as an elite sportsperson is a monumental one. It's not for the faint-hearted. Elite sport is tough, unrelenting and a lot of hard work. The blood, sweat and tears can teach you about yourself in brutal ways, but if you choose to listen, they will teach you lessons that are invaluable for the rest of life's journey. Is there any possibility that this person you discover and become on your journey is the real you God has been waiting to connect with? The one who is exhausted, who couldn't run [read more...]

One in a Billion

When Ludan Bone started making her phone calls to China in 1993 she was one woman with no contacts trying to sell an intangible, copyrighted product to an industry where royalties were alien. But over the next two decades, she built a formidable business from scratch and became the biggest player in the production music business in China. The business memoir, One in a Billion, charts Ludan’s rise from a part-time marketing manager in Sydney to the head of her own top-tier firm in Beijing with one of the biggest music libraries in [read more...]

What they didn’t tell you about project management in class

Take a journey through the world of projects. If you've learned about project management in the classroom then the real world of projects is going to be quite an eye opener. There will be monsters against which you are defenceless. There will be seemingly insurmountable obstacles and your career will hinge on your capacity to deliver in this environment. So what's wrong with the way we teach project management now? How should it be taught? What are we doing wrong? The dollars at stake are in the scale of the national debt. It's time [read more...]

Shooting Ghosts

Forthright, confronting and at times darkly comedic, “Shooting Ghosts” is a collection of poems that doesn’t so much opine on the workings and ideas of the modern world, but shakes down the branches that hold it together. Through intense imagery and a rebellious free flowing prose, Pezzimenti explores the culpability of a society seemingly willing to digest sound-bites and social media updates yet reject anything that may cause offence, or worse still, debate or deep collective thought. From the lack of any real advancement in [read more...]

The Last Priest of Jupiter

"Historical adventures and romances set in ancient Britain and Ireland are nearly always told from the point of view of the foreign invaders rather than that of the native Britons. Daring Roman's penetrate the barbarian Celtic lands in search of a lost legion or its standard, or to rescue endangered friends from the native British savages. It's time the story was told from the viewpoint of our own ancestors, the native Britons of the British Isles. That is the story I have undertaken here".