The Decree beyond the Devastation

The story is set in 2600. The world has been devastated and the apparent only survivors remaining exist in  very controlled and organised societies  within great domes. Only four domes  remain in the world representing the four quarters. The Decree that inhabitants are bound to live by is oppressive hence people attempt to escape. This is the story of survival not only of people but of  the humanity of people. There is something that cannot be erased or scientifically obliterated from humans. The “Genii” are those who have [read more...]

The God fallacy

The God fallacy outlines the many claims of competitor religions, each stating this religion alone has the exclusive truth and that all non-believers are destined for eternal destruction, or should be murdered!! An overview of these contradictory religious claims, self identifies religious texts to be literally, dysfunctional fiction. It presents the overwhelming basis for non-belief in god, and for an end to god worship. The Western world is at war with religious terrorists. This book identifies the literal source and cause of [read more...]

A family Conversation about GOD

The book is written in a conversational style. A family sitting around the table discussing the existence and nature of God: evolution and the human soul: the basis of morality; the nature of theology and religious belief; the present life versus the putative afterlife and the role of the Catholic Church. It is a very clever book and engages the reader throughout the book captivating them with the point of views between the 3 protagonist. It is a wonderful read for all those interested in Theology.

The Superfood Gardener

The SuperFood Gardener

Fighting disease and promoting chemical-free nutrition is the focus of a new book that reveals the hidden truth about some unhealthy mass food-production practices, while encouraging us to get outside, get our hands dirty and grow the sort of produce that might just save our lives. Written by first-time authors Sharon and Andrew Cooper, successful horticulturists with an award-winning commercial nursery, The Superfood Gardener: A Step By Step Guide to Growing Superfood Vegetables in Your Garden is a simple, practical guide to [read more...]

DemiChat and the Kent Street Mystery

By Toni Brisland London detectives DemiChat and Lord Flannery Beagle discover that a scientist has gone missing! He has left behind a trail of purple powder that makes Flannery sneeze his way across France into Italy. Will Scotland Yard Police Dog Jake and Detective Inspector Robert Cooper help or hinder their investigation? Why are gangs of Italian and Irish crooks double-crossing each other to get their hands on the formula for the purple powder? What is the secret formula and what is it for? How does Italian Police [read more...]

My pilgrim’s Heart

My pilgrim's Heart

In May 2007, Ben Dale set out from Canterbury, in England, to walk to Jerusalem. In September that same year, his mother - Australian journalist Stephanie Dale - joined him in Rome, with her compass set for Istanbul. My Pilgrim’s Heart: A woman’s journey through marriage and other foreign lands is the story of their adventures. This beautifully written book is about simultaneous journeys: - the experiences of a woman walking 1500 kms, step by step across Italy and through the Balkans, before the snow-covered, thunderstruck [read more...]

Hymn For The Wounded Man

Hymn For The Wounded Man

Hymn for the Wounded Man is a virile love story set in the wilds of NewZealand’s back country. It is the story of Lilia, an Australian city girl - a vegetarian - who takes time out from her busy life to ‘chop wood, carry water’. There, in her little wooden house on the shores of Wainui Bay, she meets a man whose lifestyle she didn’t know existed in the modern world of the 21st century: the realm of the hunter. Hymn for the Wounded Man is different, unlike other stories released in recent years. It is an extraordinary novel, [read more...]

Beyond The Capes

Beyond The Capes

In a pretty courtyard garden next to Lambeth Palace one finds a forlorn singular tomb, the final resting place of a denigrated British hero. Captain William Bligh RN has fascinated historians, Hollywood, TV the press and the public for over two hundred years. Now we have the other story which had to be told... The Gay version.. Beyond The Capes" Through the eyes of the main romantic couple, Nathan and Jeremy, the reader is entwined by colonial subterfuge, political scandal and skullduggery from the great lakes of upper Canada to [read more...]

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes

How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes

The information contained in How to Grow Juicy Tasty Tomatoes is the culmination of years of professional technical research and trials. With a Master’s Degree in Plant Pathology, Lucia Grimmer has provided expert technical nutrition and disease advice to professional fruit and vegetable growers, horticulturists and agronomists around the globe for more than 20 years. The book contain more than 200 photos of varieties, cultivation techniques, nutrition deficiencies and pest and disease symptoms and a comprehensive CD database [read more...]