Mavis and Harriet go on a picnic

"Mavis and her companion Harriet set off for an adventure with mother. Things don't go according to plan but, being resilient, they face the day with fun as a mainstay. Rhyme and rhythm with visual treats."

This Giraffe Can Laugh

This book changes the way you view your own mind and can give you back the power to control it. This Giraffe Can Laugh is a unique, holistic perspective on overcoming depression and anxiety by someone who has done just that. It brings insight and hope to the topic of mental wellbeing to help you to move out of the darkness towards a brighter future. It covers your mental, physical and spiritual realms of being to give a complete yet simple guide to becoming happy and well. About the Author Helen Theuma was diagnosed as bi-polar [read more...]

Necessary Murders

When Lucita, a 17 years old sudden is found murdered in the chapel of her elite school, Superintendent Román Soto is called to investigate what is apparently a robbery of valuable gold and silver artefacts by a thief that got away empty handed. The school and Soto´s superior are happy with the explanation but he is not, so he decides to investigate further against the wishes of his Director. Who as already warned him not to upset the nuns or any important people that have their daughters at that school? Helped by his good friend [read more...]

Wreck – The Fatal Voyage of the Charles Eaton and the Search for Survivors

In August 1834 the barque Charles Eaton was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef. Five of the crew made off with the only seaworthy life boat and eventually reached Timor. The rest of the crew and six passengers escaped on rafts built from the wreckage. All but four boys met a grisly fate at the hands of Torres Strait Islanders. Two of the boys were sold to a family from Murray Island for two bunches of bananas, the other two were never seen again. Although news of the wreck and the possibility of survivors reached England early in 1835 [read more...]

Divine Resonance: Life Messages from Horses

Divine Resonance- Life Messages from Horses is a collection of beautiful photographs and universal messages of inspiration, connection, love and peace. The book has 12 Universal Life Messages brought to life through the sentient and connected bond that can be shared between two sentient beings: horses and humans. This inspirational book reflects the very simple and gracious approach to life that horses use to connect with each other and their world. We all have so much that we can learn from their approach to life if we just [read more...]

Bernie and the Magic Seahorse

Bernie makes friends with a seahorse at the beach and decides to take him home, what he doesn't know is that it is a magic seahorse! Join Bernie in another one of his adventures where he discovers a secret underwater world in his aquarium.

At Play

At play, is a delightful collection of original poems and hilarious true stories from the mouths of our little friends themselves. Bought together beautifully with photos by Laura Dascoli of MooseStar photography, from her children at play collection.

Eye of the Rainbow Serpent

Of exotic mixed-race heritage, Chloe Quartpot lives an isolated life on the vast Venus Downs cattle station in the Kimberleys of Western Australia. One day on walkabout with her beloved indigenous grandfather, Johnny Quartpot she is shown a sacred site and he gives her a red stone – the eye of the rainbow serpent. Johnny swears her to secrecy as custodian of the site, but after his sudden disappearance and presumed death and the advances of the station owner’s sons, Carl and Walter Boyce, she decides to leave Venus Downs for Perth. [read more...]

Who’s haiku of interesting Australians

So how do you capture something of the spirit of an interesting Aussie in just 17 syllables? You write about them in haiku poetry of course! but wait; there’s more… 221 more in fact. In total, 222 pithy little morsels about 222 Aussies – some famous, some infamous, some quiet achievers, some with more front than Myers, some alive, some dead, some nice, and some politicians. Then there’s some animals, some TV characters and one Aussie who didn't even exist. Raelene Laurie Newall delights with her salute to Aussies of all kinds. with [read more...]

My Naughty Poems

My Naughty Poems is a book of fun poems for people with an open mind and a sense of humour. Some of the poems in this book are crude but it is all intended to bring out the lighter side of the reader and a sense of fun. With this book I take everyday situations as I observe them and add my own twist to each poem. This book is all about having fun and enjoying the moment, so happy reading.