Miracles or Coincidences – Miracles Do Happen

Have you considered that you are constantly surrounded by miracles? Would you like to be? This book makes miracles accessible to all with amazing stories, lessons and examples of everyday people, celebrities and celebrated Aussies. Geraldine’s conversational style makes this book a must read whether you are in the best of times or not. You’ll Learn; 7 steps to recognize and harness the power of miracles • That Miracles are happening around us everyday • Recognize the blocks that are holding you [read more...]

The Personal Development Handbook

The Personal Development Handbook Cover

‘“The Personal Development Handbook” is an incisive and practical guide to help people stop looking for happiness in the wrong places,” Annie says. “Many people think that they are just the way that they are, however, that is far from the truth. You learned your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, so why would you think you couldn’t unlearn them? “If you think of your mind as a computer, you simply need to become the technician that can upgrade the software to the new programs with all the [read more...]