Kathmandu 2

A NOVEL OF ASSASSINS, MYSTICS, AND THE VALLEY OF BROKEN DREAMS The pace intensifies as Merrick and his shadowy mercenaries move to seize control of Nepal’s most priceless resource. The threat to Andrew and Kate from Merrick is greater than ever as he hunts them through the back streets of Kathmandu. Frantic for their safety, nine-year-old kitchen boy, Ashok, gets help from his teacher, Sadananda, the venerable old sadhu who has unexpected connections to military intelligence. The old man calms them with evocative tales of the [read more...]

Zoe’s Zone

What was it that kept eleven year old Zoe riding her bike along Loftus Lane to Glengarry, a farm not too far from Morset, a small country town where she was holidaying with her grandmother? It certainly wouldn’t have been sour faced Meg or her miserable husband Logan who managed the farm. More likely it was Jonah, the lonely boy who spent much of his time sitting behind his easel on the verandah, painting. "Come back to Glengarry," he begged Zoe. "I will," she promised, suspecting there was something strange going on at [read more...]

Erin’s Zone

What does eleven year old Erin tell her small brother when he says animals are talking to him. She tells him to stop being so silly. There was no way lizards and roosters could talk to him! That also included the alligator their grandmother told him lived in their well, ready to jump out to bite off his head if he didn’t keep away from it! It wasn’t as though Erin’s life wasn’t bad enough with her father risking his life fighting in New Guinea. War, Erin decided, was a terrible thing. Sometimes school wasn’t all that wonderful [read more...]

Jesus, Paul and Mary – The Untold Story

"The companion of the Saviour was Mary Magdalene. He loved her more than all the Apostles and used to kiss her often on her mouth." Gospel of Philip 63:30 It is a little known, but well established fact that Christianity was founded by, and is based on, the teachings of the man who was the chief persecutor of the followers of Jesus. Subsequently the true story and teachings of Jesus have been buried under a mountain of lies and disinformation by the Church, and few Christians know the first thing about Jesus. If you find this [read more...]

Can Food Be Medicine Against Cancer?

A Healthy Handbook that combines science, medicine and not-so-common sense. A large proportion of cancers are not primarily genetic, but are influenced by factors under our control, including what we eat. This motivational book by Dr David Wilkinson, surgical oncologist, lists the top foods that protect against cancer, and explains the reasons why such foods are effective. Practical advice on food selection and preparation is provided in the first section, with the second section giving detailed evidence drawn from an abundance of [read more...]

When All Else Fails – Book 2

Book Two - "When All Else Fails". A Workbook in Self-Healing. This book can be enjoyed on its own or as a companion book to “When All Else Fails”. A Journey into the Heart with Medical Intuition. Thousands of people have already benefited from Medical Intuition and Metatronic Energy. What did these people gain? Why do they use Medical Intuition? Discover how Medical Intuition may be beneficial to you. And discover Metatronic Energy a truly remarkable and effective form of healing. Metatronic Energy is different from anything [read more...]

When All Else Fails – Book 1

Book One – "When All Else Fails". A Journey into the Heart with Medical Intuition. Carmel Bell's life story is a little different to most. Having survived four near death experiences including one that lasted some forty-seven minutes following a cardiac arrest, her complete and total recovery still shocks people to this day. Her experiences equipped her with the unique skills of a Medical Intuitive that, after twenty-five years of private practice, are now being extended to anyone through Bell’s new [read more...]

Oh No It’s a VOLVO

You know you have said it, we have all said it, your grandfather yelled it out the window and your parents have said it under their breath while running late to an appointment, we have all heard it...... finally someone has documented the daily reality of sharing the roads with Volvos.

The adventures of Looker : and her friends

Looker is a 3 year old girl who lives with her parents in an older style timber framed house by the beach at Byron Bay. BIG BEN: Big Ben is one of her 2 pets. He is a St Bernard Dog, which is a large hairy dog but gentle. Big Ben has a playful, gentle demenour who loves getting into mischief with Looker. TWINKLES: Twinkles is her other pet, or as I call them in the title Friends. Twinkles is a Tabby Cat. Twinkles has a more laid back personality, who tends to tag along behind Looker and Big Ben. Looker, Big Ben and Twinkles [read more...]

Healthy Pregnancy from A to Z

Pregnancy is an exciting time. But it can be hard to cope with different advice from tender-hearted family and friends who want you to have a Healthy Pregnancy. Questions arise such as what is healthy to eat? Should I exercise and how? What life style should I have? What to believe in while pregnant? What about relaxation and maintaining good relationships? Are pre-pregnancy preparations important? This book is a deep exploration of the most important question “How to Be Healthy during Pregnancy?” And it shows you a way to [read more...]