A Path Once Trodden

“The steps taken towards healing is using what is known, and where you have been, to look at the path ahead with direction” “Beautifully written poems that help restore faith in oneself as well as in humanity” - Denisha Govender, Office Manager, Schofield King Lawyers “Amy’s emotions are intense, raw and uninhibited. Her verses give a poignant snapshot of her experiences that gather you up and take you into her journey, to a personal place, where her scars take refuge. A cathartic process for Amy that became mine, as I [read more...]

The Blue Thief

Six year old Midnight Blue has a mystery to solve. His Aussie “blue” family are all involved. Discover the baffling culprit responsible for the missing items in this story whilst being amused by the family’s exclamations along the way. Enjoy Book One in a series of “Rainbow Mysteries” featuring the colours of Australia for young children.

Yonka the water monster and Preston

DeYonka is a monster that lives in all the waters of the world. This includes, swimming pools, oceans, seas, baby baths, and bathrooms; he is everywhere? Yonka is very scared of adults, but loves to grab little children and drag them under the water when adults are not around. This book is designed for children and to teach parents the everyday dangers of leaving kids unattended around water. Here you must be prepared to test your courage, strength and wit against the myriad of evil foe that await you. You can cast spells, [read more...]

The Forgotten Spell

The Forgotten Spell is the first book in a trilogy of Spellcaster Gamebooks. Dare to open it and you will be entering the strange and dangerous world of the Fey, a vast population of creatures that inhabit a realm just out of reach of mortals. Few can find this world and fewer still can return. You must decide your fate as you journey through one of the most evil and despised cities of the Fey, Suidemor. Your Quest is to search for the Forgotten Spell, long ago destroyed by the hand that first devised it, the powerful warlock, [read more...]

Many Mansions

Many Mansions is a book of spiritually inclined Poetry covering a gamut of subjects extending from Birth to Death,from Religion to Reincarnation,to Faith and Nature.In this edition Johns attempts to demonstrate the unity of all things not only on this Earth, but also in the countless Universes both seen and unseen, indicating his strong belief, that all things all beings are inter connected and ultimately are reliant on each other for existance; and that each being is affected by not only what we imagine we observe physically,but [read more...]

Murders and Mayhem at Salt Creek: The True Secrets

Many articles have been written about the notorious murderer Malachi Martin, but over time, like Chinese whispers, the story has veered from the truth. Using references and newspapers of the day, I have tried to bring his story closer to the events at isolated Salt Creek, South Australia. This book also briefly covers two other stories. One is of Martin’s neighbor at the Adelaide gaol, Elizabeth Woolcock, the only woman to be executed at the gaol, and the other is the story of a distant non blood relative of Martin’s, William Henry [read more...]

Prised Open

This journey begins with a visit to a ladies craft group at a nearby Presbyterian Church, however, when Rhonda is voted on to the Board of Management fourteen years later, as a bookkeeper, she began to see this Church in a whole different light. After she discovers what she believes to be fraudulent behaviour, she leaves the Church but cannot ignore what she has uncovered. She writes a detailed report to the Presbytery of Maroondah but is horrified to discover that they have titled their minutes ‘Minutes Concerning dealing with [read more...]

Tommy and the candy stripe mountain and Anneke and the Toverwitch.

Tommy, an eleven year old boy, had heard about the Candy Striped Mountain where there was a city on the other side with streets paved with gold, and people didn’t have to work. With his father sick and out of work, Tommy thought it was his duty to go and get some of that gold for his father’s medicine. Against all odds, and the help of many animals, Tommy reached the mountain. One of the animals was an old wolf who’d slept with him to keep warm. Tommy thought it was a dog, but noticing it was a wolf, he asked, ‘Are you going to [read more...]

The Other Side of Dark

David lee Killman is the village idiot at his school always pulling pranks and getting into fights. Until the tragedy of a loner by the name of Kelvin starts David on a path paved with lies and tears. Followed by a big black dog that is a mystery, David must work out what this dog is all about before fate and history repeat themself. After all, the truth has a nasty habit of biting the hand that feeds it lies?

The mountain, the forest and the infinite blue sea

This collection of short stories depicts a series of experiences that were seminal moments within the author’s personal development. A unique account like no other, the book describes stories from the author’s early days roaming the streets with gangs of children, exploring the left over remnants of previous wars, school days in new cultural and political climates, and enlisting in the Israeli Army. Each experience elicits ethical and personal challenges and the stories weave a way through each one, some delicate and inspiring [read more...]