Journey to the Truth

Journey to the Truth. An Introduction to the Reality of Ourselves and the World. When thinking about the meaning and purpose of our lives, most people eventually come to these questions: ‘Who am I really?’ ‘What is the purpose for being here?’ and ‘Where will I go after I die?’ Increasing numbers are contemplating this, and so beginning the process of ‘waking up’ to our original nature; true reality, versus the illusions we have been led to believe until now. This is an introduction and overview to very important [read more...]

Queen Hooey’s nest

Alex Brownlie reckons that something funny is going on with the big bullant nest on the hill behind his house. But it takes the arrival of his audacious cousin, Violet, who ignites a chain of events that ultimately lead to both Violet and Alex exploding into a world where they are definitely the odd ones’ out. Queen Hooey’s Nest is the story of the biggest and best bullant nest on Mount Majura. The Queen, Queen Hooey, is the number one ticket holder, former most beautiful and popular young bullant queen and owner of the enormous [read more...]

Dark road, Dark souls

A distraught Daniel Williams travels from Western Australia to Scotland to identify the body of his estranged son, Ben, the victim of a brutal murder. But he is dealt an unexpected hand and embarks on a search the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland, battling the demons of his self destructive past and unknowingly dogged by tragedy at every turn.

The Cloning of Elvis Trilogy

Has he really left the building? Could this story chart circumstances that finally answer this question? A wealthy Australian media mogul provides DNA for research and development to Italian scientists. Supposedly, the material was from his late wife – who prematurely died, but given instead was hair follicles of ELVIS AARON PRESLEY. A contract is entered into producing a clone to be carried by the surrogate mother, the niece of the Cardinal of Milan.

The Dawn of Life and Other Australian Tales

Come take a time-travelling magic carpet ride through the natural and cultural delights of Australia. From west coast to east coast, from Cape York to Tassie this book uses the most up-to-date web resources and scientific papers to paint a many-coloured portrait of this amazing continent.

What’s Your Joy

This book has the potential to transform lives! What's Your Joy? is a comprehensive, self-exploratory course designed to guide the reader through a process of self-discovery. It uses the functions and attributes associated with each of the seven major chakras of the body as tools for creating a foundation for holistic living. Weaving together practical exercises, in-depth questionnaires, valuable insights, creative visualisations and healing techniques, the participant is guided to awaken and remember who they are, discover their [read more...]

Just Dave

Just Dave takes us on the remarkable true journey of an ordinary man who lives an extraordinary life. You will be taken back to some of the most shameful episodes in Australia’s modern history through the eyes of an abused child, a serviceman and adult. You will relive the self-effacing and moving story of survival, and experience the shock, pain, laughter and sadness Dave did. Just Dave develops our awareness and challenges our misunderstanding of people who suffer mental illness providing profound insight and hope. Just Dave [read more...]

I Could Have Been a Contender

Eric Scott is a published author and playwright with five books and more than 20 plays under his belt. He has been a showbiz journalist for more than 60 years - and still writes news and reviews for his webpage In this fascinating memoir he reveals a treasure trove of stories from his climb out of the working class terraces in Nottingham UK, to a champagne and lobster lifestyle in five-star hotels. As well as hobnobbing with some of the most famous people in the world from the days when showbiz stars [read more...]

Australia, Wake Up

Australia, wake up! is a call to action – a challenge to readers to speak out on what concerns them and on what they believe can and should be done. Let no-one forget the men and women who gave their lives in wars so that everyone should have that freedom. Agree or disagree with this book, but have the courage to speak your mind about the issues it raises.

Moving Down Under Made Easy

Fellow migrant Wendy Burger moved from South Africa to Australia in February 2009 with her husband and two children. In this easy-to-read and at times amusing book, Wendy has drawn on her extensive hands-on experience to share her learning’s for the benefit of people contemplating or making the move down under. Moving Down Under Made Easy will provide you with heaps of useful and up to date information to help you start a successful new life in Australia. It’s also a reality check. This beautifully illustrated book covers topics [read more...]