Showtime with Chrissy & friends

Can you remember the first time that you were taken to your local Show? Remember the hustle and bustle? The music! The rides! The games! The toys! The NOISE! For Chrissy, a delightful, vivacious, three year old girl, the local Show is just where her family took her. This was organized by Chrissy’s much loved Italian Grandmother, Nonna Marina. Chrissy’s first time to The Hayfield Spring Show was full of fun, laughter and excitement. So come along and join Chrissy on her amazing adventure.

Vengeance : Capital city ground zero

Sam Harper believes that he is living the good life. He has a decent job, a girlfriend and a four legged pal called Shadow. At nineteen he doesn’t think he could get it much better than this. But things are about to throw his world into turmoil when his troubled past catches up with him. Now he has to fight to get back his girlfriend and his good life by revisiting a past that he thought he had left far behind him.

Kaleidoscope : My life’s multiple reflections

Kaleidoscope is Marcela’s Del Sol’s first work of fiction; a collection of beautifully written reflections about the life and struggles of a woman co-existing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and Dissociative Identity Syndrome (DID). Marcela Del Sol is an Australian writer, philanthropist and social activist. She moved to Australia from her home country, Chile, as a young adult, and, a few years ago, began to share her physical existence with multiple alters of her character, following a serious car accident. As the [read more...]

A Penny on a Friday, (Second Edition)

You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure as you travel through the pages of Penny on a Friday wit Bob. He gives you a humorous insight into a mischievous childhood growing up in Lancaster in the 1920s-30s and 40s.

3 Bob’s Worth

This book is the culmination of 87 years of stories - a trilogy to finalise the life of Bob Pearson - stories of real humour albeit at times self deprecating. From a Penny On Friday to A Peg Leg Hero and now Three Bob’s Worth - A trilogy of the life of a boy from the Lancashire cotton Mills through the Second World War to his time in Australia - a country that is dear to him and his family. (Hope everybody enjoys my stories as much as I do)


Retrospect’ is a fast paced dystopian fiction novel set in Brisbane fifteen years into our future. The complex plot delves into a number of key societal issues, namely the consequences of humans trying to play GOD through Science and Technology exploitation. The quest for eternal life and the power of ‘Big Brother’ are two central matters that combine to create a chaotic, high energy ride. Brief Synopsis: The protagonist is a 15 year old young man called Noah. The story unwinds through his conversational narration. Noah is [read more...]

What’s So Smart About Intelligence?

This book is about students finding, and reaching, their potential. It is definitely not about everyone becoming an academic! Or about everyone going to university! It is about each person giving themselves the opportunity to choose. So many students end up doing trades, or taking sales jobs, not because that is what they want, but because that is all they think they can accomplish. We need great trades-people, great sales assistants, great workers in all kinds of areas of employment; if you choose such a position, rather than feel [read more...]

The Undershaw Coterie

A murder mystery by the author of "Who’s Haiku of Interesting Australians". Sir Arthur Conan Doyle returns to his home Undershaw one morning to find a dead body in his library. A mysterious letter left behind sheds light on the identity of the corpse, and informs Arthur of eight guests awaiting him in his dining room. Not eight ordinary guests, but eight characters brought to life from books someone has taken from Arthur’s bookshelves and left on his desk. Unless Arthur and his guests – Captain Ahab, Dorothy Gale, Scheherazade, [read more...]

Just a Nurse – Lessons Learned

Catherine Driver writes with profound honesty about her journey as a nurse. Read about her transformation from a shy naive student, doubting her ability, to a confident expert nurse pushing the boundaries. Intense, raw, and gripping, her stories with patients, relatives and staff transport us to the health care world through the eyes of an ordinary nurse, experiencing extraordinary things. From caring for patients in large city hospitals to retrieving trauma victims from the jungles of Papua New Guinea, Catherine shares her [read more...]