The adventures of William Brambleberry: Aviator Mouse

William Brambleberry was a very small mouse with a very big dream. He was determined to fly a Spitfi re and practised as much as he could until he really did become the bravest most adventurous aviator mouse in all the world. No matter how small you feel, or how big your dreams are, with determination and practice your dreams can come true!

Frazzeled Freya

The Australian Outback is a harsh and dry place. Not the ideal environment for a game or race. Freya is too frightened to go out and play. So she hides in the shadows to watch all day. Her friends are all out in the heat of the sun. But Freya is too frazzled to join in their fun. Can Freya face what frightens her so? Or will she forever hide and say no!

A boy from Sauda : From Norway and Australia

The book deals with family relations and growing up in Norway during WW2. As a settler it also gives an insight into work and family in Australia. It is a continued family history with an overview and glimpse of the family tree down the line to trace(or tracing)the ancestors going back to the 16th. century. The story continues how Aage kept in touch with his family on the other side of the globe. But it is also a story of the love for his wife Angela.

While Mandy Waited: Book 2 Rainbow Mystery

Another Rainbow Mystery unfolds when Mandy receives a birthday present from her Italian grandfather. The catch is, she has to watch, wait and care for this new arrival before discovering the orange surprise it will produce. Along with Mandy, you too can learn about the relationship between seasons and growth as well as encountering an important visitor who will help in creating this orange revelation. Enjoy Book Two of the series, Rainbow Mysteries, featuring the colours of Australia for young children. Recommended for ages 5 to 8 [read more...]

An Empty Skip Bin

Having sold our house we were on the move, rental truck to load the furniture, skip bin to discard unwanted items and the excitement of a new adventure ahead of us. As my mate Jamie wasn't working at the time he came to help. After a long successful day we had packed the furniture, cleaned the house and filled the skip bin. Awesome. Time for a well earned refreshment. Whilst standing next to the skip bin, sipping on an ice cold beer, reflecting on our achievement, Jamie said something that changed my life. He said, "Maude [read more...]

Evening Star (The third sequel to the Moonless Night, Book 3)

At night we sleep and dream. Some dreams we remember, and some we forget. Yet, all that we see or have seen is but a dream within a dream. Christian and Alana left the Kings Aqua Isle to travel over the seas indefinitely, away from the current catastrophe that has seemed to take over Alana's life. What happiness they have is cut short by another unfavourable surprise. The couple are oblivious to the fact that this trip is one that they will never forget, because there is more adversity along the way that only the gods can [read more...]

Elusive Dreams (A sequel to the Moonless Night, Book 2)

Love is the very food of life or the death of it. Alana’s life changed forever the night she learned the dark and seductive truth of blood and those who crave it. So far, she has managed to keep the secret from her mother, but her increasing involvement with the immortals has brought many things into her life. But the price she must pay for the thrill of an intoxicating romance with Christian may be higher than she can bear. Her life now is tinged with fear and danger, as well as a love that could span the centuries. Desperate [read more...]

Moonless Night (Special Edition, Book 1)

From Bethie Gold, author of Lucy Stands on Her Principal. "Moonless Night is a masterpiece of vivid color and imagery that will leave the reader breathless and craving more! Alana and Christian are an unforgettable couple and their love story will live on forever in the reader’s memory!" Something got stuck in her throat. It felt like her heart was being pressed so hard she could not breathe. In a split second, the voice she just heard so deep, velvety, and beautiful was so familiar. It was the voice she had been longing to hear [read more...]


Amidst differing ideologies and historical mistrust, a fragile collaboration of cold war protagonists goes horribly wrong. He is the best of the best, the student turned teacher, but nothing could have prepared him for this… or for her. Beautiful, ruthless and obscenely perverse, her fanatical dedication to brutality exposes our darkest and innermost fears. A tale of innocence and survival against a backdrop of espionage, terror, ultimate fighting and guerilla war. Spellbinding, packed with action and gripping from beginning [read more...]

World War 3 : When and how will it end?

This important book examines the history of human conflict concisely, including modern terrorism that continues to spread globally. Features of the book include: An overview of man’s long history of conflict. Urban crime and conflicting groups in society. Tribal, ethnic, religious and political conflict. Territorial and imperialist conflict. The two World Wars. Terrorism and revolution. The threats of nuclear and biochemical warfare. Conflicts of 'democratic' vs. 'socialism'. Islamic terrorism and [read more...]