World War 3 : When and how will it end?

This important book examines the history of human conflict concisely, including modern terrorism that continues to spread globally. Features of the book include: An overview of man’s long history of conflict. Urban crime and conflicting groups in society. Tribal, ethnic, religious and political conflict. Territorial and imperialist conflict. The two World Wars. Terrorism and revolution. The threats of nuclear and biochemical warfare. Conflicts of 'democratic' vs. 'socialism'. Islamic terrorism and [read more...]

Sipping champagne through a straw: Beyond good enough (2nd Edition)

Maria's lifelong dream is to seek a better life. It is not only a communist regime from which she flees, but also a past of poverty, violence and exploitation, as she shoulders burdens beyond her years — especially through the Second World War. Maria and Nik escape from Yugoslavia, and after months in a refugee camp and a baby on the way, they embark the SS Begona bound for an unknown country — Australia. Life is good at the Villawood Migrant Hostel — the future promising, until Maria and Nik observe that not all is right with [read more...]

Prayer + Love = Miracles

Mission. Miracles. Mischief. This is the remarkable story of a young budding journalist from Australia as he recounts firsthand the enthralling mission journey to South Africa straight from his private journal. Abanob Saad, a 21 year old award-winning journalist, served in conventions, parish visits and rural mission work and recalls the challenges, miracles and love he experienced in a captivating manner. As a dedicated servant and talented wordsmith, he transports you to the heart of South Africa to walk with him, experience [read more...]

New Beginnings

The main character is a fifteen year old girl and her whole world changes when she and her twin brother wake up one morning and her whole family, and most of the world, has become infected with a disease called Plactocidus, that has made them all comatose. The only way to stop the disease is to be trained to go back in time to stop the disease where it originated.

Coach yourself slim : weight loss coaching for a healthier, happier you

Sick of doing one fad diet after another and not getting the body you want? Do you still want to lose weight, this time in a way that makes sense and gives you long lasting results? You need to use a new approach to weight loss - Coach Yourself Slim. Losing weight is not just about dieting, it is part of a larger process. Coach Yourself Slim is based on three principles: Positive Psychology, Coaching Techniques and a Tailored Weight Loss Plan. Firstly, a Positive Psychology approach relates "happiness tactics" to the topic of [read more...]

Jesus is the key

This book was made to emphasize His greatest love to all human races, that when He died. He offered it to His Father. He was obedient and He listened to what His Father wanted Him to fulfil, to obtain the greatest gift that He offered to mankind, the gift of love, He emphasizes to all that His love is never-ending, that He is always there for all, through the good Holy Spirit. He speaks to everyone through this servant, this servant will never leave His children, He promised that to all mankind that they will live a fruitful life if [read more...]

Tales From a Wordsmith

Tales From a Wordsmith is a collection of seven short stories that will take you to a new fantasy realm. Reminisce with Matilda and The Wordsmith as they tell cautionary tales and relive their adventures doing what they do best, telling stories. Travel to an island always buzzing with activity or meet the Queen who bargained with The Fates. In this small collection you will be provoked and each story will leave you feeling something different. Delve into these pages and be a part of the travels, the conflicts and the creatures as told [read more...]

Remembering Ben Chifley

Set against the turbulent years of both, World Wars, The Great Depression and the Cold War, this book traces Ben Chifley’s life from his early years on his grandfather's farm to his ascent as Prime Minister. Written by those who knew and loved him, previously unpublished material is used to give a unique insight into the character of one of Australia's best loved Prime Ministers. The book was started at the request of John Chifley, Ben's nephew. It has been written and put together over a number of years by his family.


Steve had never written a book before and never thought he would. After unexpectedly enduring a prostate cancer experience and the subsequent outcome, he felt inspired to put pen to paper. His inspiration was fueled in the hope that the book raises awareness and ultimately makes a difference for other men and their families who have, or are, facing a prostate cancer journey. Hopefully, it sends an important message in relation to the diagnosis and shows them that there are also amazing alternatives in treatment available to [read more...]

Luminescence: Memoirs of a Blood Hunter, Book 1

Since the 17th Century, legends, stories and folkloric accounts of these mythological beings have fascinated and enthralled humanity. No one place or historical period during these decades can lay claim to their origins or if indeed they really do exist. But they have tantalised and captivated us for generations. Come on a journey that begins in a bathhouse in Ancient Greece in 383 BC and traverses the Mediterranean to the Isles of Greece and beyond. Journey through time and experience the violent confrontations and erotic encounters [read more...]