Results from Frankfurt Book Fair 2017

Frankfurt book air was very productive this year, with our authors now having the chance to get their books into bookshop across the USA. These are real bookshops, not just the lists that shops can see on-line. Bookmasters are the biggest distributor of religious books in the US, so our religious book authors will benefit. They do all genre' of books so very exciting. We had lots of interest from some of our literary agents, with one Chinese agency really impressed with the books we had this time, and requesting lots of titles. [read more...]

Results from the Beijing book fair 2016

We had a wonderful book fair with great interest in all our books. One Literary agency was so impressed that they will list all the books on their agency platform for more promotion. This is great as it means ongoing representation for the authors, as literary agents look for publishers who may want to pick the book up and offer a contract. Nothing concrete happens at book fairs, book fairs are a face to face contact place, for ongoing discussions about books. Book fairs are talking to the people who can make a difference like: [read more...]

Results from the Frankfurt book fair 2011

This year’s Frankfurt book fair was an amazing success. Every book we displayed had a favorable response. Most authors have been asked to submit PDFs of their books either by a publisher or an agent. We even had one book snapped up by a publisher before the fair started and contracts signed before the book fair finished. Some books even had publishers and agents fighting over them, all wanting the rights to the book. This year’s Frankfurt book fair again proves that for the serious author who wants to have [read more...]

Results from the London book fair 2011

We had a very productive time for our authors at this year's 2011 London book fair. All the books had great interest shown in them and offers to continue discussions with publishers, distributors and agents. Some were offered contracts. This is a great result as every book we took passed step one in the publishing process and shows the high quality of books we presented at the LBF this year. In fact it was our best year ever for positive results for the authors. Here is a list of the results each book got. Mom Please Help [read more...]