Cold Gold – 4

Self Publishing

Dennis J. McTaggart, in his fourth book of short stories, once again throws you into a whirlpool of danger and intrigue as Teddy and his team plunder the reefs for abalone. Tom, Curly, and the new diver Bluey, all work together as a successful team, with their eyes peeled for the ever present Fisheries Officers.

Barry has to make a confession to Hilda and runs the risk of displeasing Teddy. There is danger about for the beautiful Leckie, and of course, the team goes in head first to assist her. They hit the New Zealand Star Bank again, and if the deep water isn’t bad enough, Teddy tangles with a sick and injured White Pointer shark who is looking for an easy meal.

Wallace P. Trotter and his side-kick James, wrack their brains to try and catch Teddy and his crew in the act, along with Piggy’s superior Brian. They struggle and struggle. They seem to get so close, yet they just miss them, time and time again. Teddy is engaged in sorting things out after a robbery and finds himself in a tough place when he runs into trouble with a different mob of Bikers. Jean, the widow of Freddy an old Painter, and Docker stirs up trouble for Dean and Teddy, and they are faced with extreme danger. This book is an exciting read for those who like a bit of action, told in the author’s distinctive manner. Come along for the ride, you’ll find yourself mixing with strange people, that you may not know ever existed.

Be solid.