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Competition Winners.
We would like to thank all the authors who entered the competition. The standard of entries was extremely high, making it very hard for the judges to pick a winner. So hard in fact that we decided to present two authors as the winners.

First prize:
Author- Danielle Neves, for her book Crazy Bitch, a book about domestic violence, with a most surprising ending.
First prize: 
Author- Paul Hansen, for his book Macedon, an epic Greek mythology about the demi-god Macedon.
Second prize:
Author- Aiden Moore, for his book Don’t Wake the Charioteer about coming of age and finding your sexuality.
Third prize:
Author- Melanie Casey for her book 27 intriguing story about the human condition, through many life times. 

Minor Prizes:
Highly Recommended.           The Press Attaché  Herschel Hurst
 Commendation award.             “Queen Hooey’s Nest”. Michael Marriott.
 Commendation award.             Wolf and The Ghost In Chain Mail   Rike Vasilakis
 Encouragement award:            How to draw Horses. Amanda Edwards 

Competition: New competition will be launched soon.

First prize is a full royalty based publishing and distribution contract valued at $11000.

Distribution through an Australian Bookstore chains using our Support Your Local Author Campaign.      

Full Distribution on Amazon and other online book stores worldwide.

 Featured at The London and Frankfurt international book fairs.

For full prize description see  

Second prize:  Book/ manuscript taken to London Book Fair and offered to publishers, agents and distributors, plus full evaluation 

Vouchers from Paperchain bookshop, Canberra.
Vouchers from Co-op Bookshop University of Canberra.
Third prize: Book/manuscript evaluation.

Vouchers from Paperchain Books Canberra city

Vouchers from Co-op Bookshop University of Canberra.

 Date to be released soon.

All finalists will be notified by email prior to the event. The cost of entry per title is $40. 

Entry forms are available from 

Or write to Australian Self Publishing Group Pty Ltd PO Box 159 Calwell ACT 2905. Please enclose a self address stamped envelope if you would like your manuscript back.  Please read the condition of entry and payment details at  

Or phone 02 6291-2904 business hours. The Australian Self publishing group will be conducting meetings in all regional areas to explain about the competition.

Please check website for times and dates. Or call 02 6291-2904 B/H.  
  All entrants will be notified by email of the winner.