Frankfurt Book Fair 2015

Frankfurt Book Fair 2015: report

The Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 has finished. It was a great fair! Very busy, productive and full of new meetings and contacts. Some of our books achieved great results and we are very proud for the authors and for the work we have done to present these books.

What was new and unique at the fair in regards to our publishing company?

Well, the books of Dr Irina Webster went well. Even one of the influential publishers in Europe (Contento) used her story as a successful book story in his speech on stage at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. The CEO of Contento, Nethanel Semrik, presented his speech 3 times during the fair and used her example every time. His presentation has been broadcasted to many TV and radio channels in Europe and heard by thousands of people. We feel so proud and grateful for him doing this.

Irina’s books have become successful not because she is the owner of the Australian Self-publishing group. In fact, she owns the company because of the success of her books and the company started because Irina wrote her 1st book while she was still working as a doctor in the Canberra Hospital and this book replaced her salary as a doctor within first year of publishing. Many people asked how she did that. So, we started helping people to do the same and this is how Australian Self-Publishing Group started.

Irina came to Australia in 2001 from Russia without any English. Now she is an author of two international Amazon best-sellers written in English – and this is all because of the way she does the marketing and promotion of her books.

As a medical doctor she writes books about health and intuitive healing. But she is so passionate about the subject that she goes out and promotes her topic in the form of seminars, workshops and health events. She is an active blog writer and a social media activist. Because of all these activities her books sell in the thousands.

Here are the photos from the Nethanel Semrik , CEO of Contento ( publishing house based in Israel) using Dr Irina Webster story as an example for a books success.




This example is something all authors can do, but you have to work on it constantly to get noticed. Nowadays it is important to get in front of as many people as possible and your book onto as many selling platforms as you can. Just being on Amazon is good, but your book will be lost in the millions of other books if this is all you do.

The beauty of book fairs is we get to meet new and exciting companies where authors can put their books up for sale, which also gives the book greater exposure. This time we met new book selling platform companies, where we now have access to the massive Indian book market, one for eBooks and the other for POD print books. So all the authors who sent their books to the fair, now have greater exposure than ever.

And here is the video of his presentation taken during his 3rd speech at the Frankfurt book fair 2015. As I said before, he did the presentation 3 days in the row.

The other books that went well during the fair:

  • Aidan Moore books, historical fiction trilogy – a great possibility of publishing the books in Ireland.
  • “Paper aeroplanes” book series about how to make paper aeroplanes. Contracts with a few Asian publishers was signed before. Now a few Literary agents in Europe were interested in the books.
  • Catherine Chapman books “Posh Pear” series of children’s books. After great success in China , these books had great interest amongst literary agents in Europe.
  • Mark McKeown books about business motivations (series). After great success in China these books become more and more popular amongst European literary agents and publishers.
  • “Coaching, How to Lead” book about coaching in business. Many literary agents in Europe wanted to take this book to work on.
  • “How to Create a Miracle” series of Dr John Hindwood was picked up by a literary agent in Turkey.

But the promotional work has not finished here. In fact, it has just started. Because our catalogue was taken by hundreds of publishing industry professionals such as literary agents and publishers to review again and make requests later on.

Here is the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 catalogue.

Here are more photos from our stand at the biggest book fair in the world – the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015 .


During the 1st day at the fair on the 14th of October 2015.


With Alice – a publisher and an author from Greece. She was very interested in cooperating with us regarding our books and books also.


With the e-book publishers from India. Indian e-book market is booming. The speed of their growth in e-book sales is higher than in Europe.


With the Hungarian literary agent from Budapest.


With a publisher from Singapore.


With our old business associate Nazli from Kalem Book literary agency from Turkey who has published and translated many of our books (including my books) before.


With the UK publisher and author from Bristol who was very interested in Sci-Fi books and turning them into movies.