Frankfurt International Book Fair

Self Publishing

We have a great opportunity for authors, if they would like to get their book in front of industry professionals who can make decisions.

For authors who may be interested in getting their book displayed at the Frankfurt International Book fair in October.

This is the only chance a self published author can get their book on the main Australia Unlimited stand, as you have to be a publisher to do so, this is where we help.

The stand is run by the Australian Publishers Association (APA), backed up by the Arts Council. This is the biggest book fair promotion the APA does each year.

Authors have the chance to promote their book to Literary Agents and overseas publishers who are always looking for interesting books.

We make appointments for all books we take, so books get great coverage. This year we have an appointment with a large UK book distributor, who is looking for new books for the UK/ European market. Also a USA book distributor for the US market, also many literary agents.