GET REAL: A down to earth approach to lasting health and weight loss that is simple and achievable

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Looking good and feeling good – simple, easy and achievable.

Don’t you just find health and fitness too hard, confusing and contradictory? Most people do, but this book makes it simple and achievable for you, especially if you are busy and time poor.

Forget about rapid results with minimal effort. Rather than losing four kilos in four weeks (only to put it back on again in another four weeks) how about enjoying life long health and looking good and feeling good every day, for the rest of your life? You see most people’s focus is too narrow. They typically want to lose weight and look better.

However if you focus on health, you get the whole package – optimal weight, optimal health and improved energy levels which in turn will give you a great quality of life.This book is about health and with it will naturally come weight loss.

This book is the real deal. It’s a down to earth approach. It is not a quick fix.It’s not about the latest Hollywood diet. In fact, there are no diets in this book at all! It’s a unique approach because it looks way beyond the traditional bastions of exercise and diet and addresses the much needed and overlooked principles of success, the major handbrake to health and weight loss plus so much more.

You will be empowered and inspired with real information to make a real difference to your life. You will even find it fun, that’s if you get my English sense of humour. You’ve made the first move picking up this book. Continue the workout by turning to the first page…