How it came about’

Self Publishing

How It Came About is an original concept that will fascinate young children learning the three ‘r’s. In a place called Knowledge are little towns each inhabited by particular people. In the town of Alphabet live Letters. In another town live Numbers and among the Numbers lives Zero but ‘nobody took any notice of the Number Zero because she didn’t amount to anything.’

Frankfurt Book fair.
Author Bryan Evans 

Update on Book:

I sent How it Came About’ to the Frankfurt Book Fair a couple of years ago. You also sent a copy of my book to an agent, who liked it and sent it to New Frontier Publishing.
The rest is history; the book has been published by New Frontier Publishing under the title ‘Alphabet Town’. Alphabet Town was also picked up by a South Korean publisher and translated into that language.

Thank you once again. Since then, I’ve been invited to read to children in several Primary schools and presented at a major Literature Festival in Perth.