How to Halt Hypothyroidism, Naturally

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Hypothyroidism is a destructive disorder that affects a large number of our population, but especially the ageing female.
Hypothyroidism is frequently undiagnosed even though it can be the cause of multiple common health problems. Depression,
cholesterol problems, muscle aches and pains, excess weight, fatigue and many other health problems can be due to undiagnosed
and thus untreated low thyroid function.

 “Is hypothyroidism a problem in pregnancy? What came first the weight gain or the thyroid problem?
What foods are slowing down my thyroid? What nutrient deficiencies are involved? Is my thyroid to blame for my depression?
What tests do I need done? Will controlling my thyroid help me lose weight?“

How to Halt Hypothyroidism Naturally provides you with all the answers and a clear strategy to improve your health.
Inside you’ll find lists of nutrients, herbs, testing information, symptoms and an easy to understand treatment program that gives you
back control of your health.

Want to know how to eat your way to better thyroid function? Then check out the goitrogenic free recipes loaded with the nutrients
needed to kick start your thyroid.