How to Stop Candida & Thrush, Naturally

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Are you plagued with the discomfort and embarrassment of candida, thrush or yeast overgrowth?
Have you tried different treatments but don’t seem able to get rid of it? Have you found pessaries and drugs ineffective?

In her natural health clinic, Vivienne Savill has treated hundreds of patients with this persistent condition and has found out what does and doesn’t work.

When the body is weakened it becomes susceptible to candida so an effective treatment must address the underlying nutrient deficiencies
and lifestyle behaviors that feed the yeast overgrowth. This includes diminishing the sugars that feed the yeast, providing herbal medicines
to kill the abnormal yeast and parasites, boosting immunity plus replenishing the good gut bacteria.

Sound complicated? How to Stop Candida and Thrush Naturally, makes the process simple and enjoyable.
With over 120 delicious anti-candida recipes to chose from and loads of information about testing and what supplements to take,
you will eradicate candidiasis for good.