Hymn For The Wounded Man

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Hymn for the Wounded Man is a virile love story set in the wilds of NewZealand’s back country.
It is the story of Lilia, an Australian city girl – a vegetarian – who takes time out from her busy life to ‘chop wood, carry water’.

There, in her little wooden house on the shores of Wainui Bay, she meets a man whose lifestyle she didn’t know existed in the modern world of the 21st century: the realm of the hunter.

Hymn for the Wounded Man is different, unlike other stories released in recent years.

It is an extraordinary novel, loosely based on the experiences of its
author, Australian journalist Stephanie Dale.

Twenty years ago Stephanie – also a vegetarian – lived in New Zealand, where she fell in love with a hunter and for three years followed him into the forests hunting wild boar and deer.

Stephanie skillfully leads her readers deeper and deeper into the forest. Her descriptions of the natural world are breathtaking. So too her insightful and compassionate chronicle of the hunt – and men whose culture is on the brink of extinction in the West.

Hymn for the Wounded Man is a celebration – of what it is to be human in touch with a wild world.

Love, truth, death – you can’t pick and choose between them. Choose one, you get all three. Every time.
from Hymn for the Wounded Man The way there is never the way home.
from Hymn for the Wounded Man ‘A born storyteller with a gift for adventure.’
Susan Maushart, journalist & author

‘Hymn for the Wounded Man is a lyrical, honest, fascinating story on so many levels . . . (with) beautiful descriptions of the meditative process of the hunt, the glory of nature, the hunter being connected to everything – and yet he is the wounded man.

A fascinating and beautiful book.’
Mary-Lou Stephens, ABC presenter