Incident at Morgan’s Crossing

Self Publishing

Author Jack Brislee, novel is a must read for the person who loves an old Wild West Cowboy story with a twist. It is funny and entertaining, and will keep the reader guessing throughout.

When the Stranger, an enigmatic trail-dirty, wind-swept, lip-cracked relatively unsuccessful bounty hunter rides into Morgan’s Crossing he finds a settlement in disarray. Spanish Peter and his band of outlaws are terrorising the town and the Sheriff, who has issues with his imported Swedish office furniture, cannot stop them.

The town turns to the Stranger, but there is a problem. His somewhat cavalier attitude towards the opposite sex has ruled out deep relationships, and can any man become a successful straight shooting killer without the love of a good woman?

In the mud and blood and lust and dust of a small town in Texas, this question, arguably the most important one ever posed in the Wild West, is finally answered.